shoe place for crampons

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at the moment we have to wear the crampons on the head:D

would it not be better to creat a 2nd shoe place slot just for shoe addons like the crampons or maybe futured snowshoes? i mean you put the crampons over the shoes.


oh forget you can not repair crampons.

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You also wear the moosehide satchel there. They're more general slots than head slots now.

I think at the moment it's a decent trade off that you have three items, but only two slots. Maybe not realistic, but you it gives you a choice between a little extra temperature or better climbing

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for now you have to change the items before you climb and this then all the time on a rope. so carry weight is the same a 2nd shoe slot and a repair function would allow you to wear them all the time then for the sprain risk.

crampos are not really needed it is a little bit comfort

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