NEW REGION FUN: Ash Canyon Only Series - Exploration, Tension, and of course, Pain.


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Hi all, this is my journey into the exciting new Ash Canyon Region.

I decided to do a custom settings setup instead of just Stalker as I was planning.  I'm calling it "Gucci True Loper" in an "Isolated Ash Canyon" format (one region only, but I can use the connecting cave).  "Gucci" is to borrow a term from Loonsloon and all the loot settings are Stalker level.  Everything else is Interloper settings, except for condition recovery, which is low, and predator settings, which is more aggressive and aware (to me this is almost a "true" Interloper). 

Already exciting with some craziness.  Definitely giving feels of early gameplay, with being lost, and "mini battles" of just trying to live another minute (ie collecting those few more sticks needed to survive).  Hope you enjoy and thanks for the support.


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PS - I know that experiencing a new region unspoiled can be really great, so this is by no means an encouragement to not do that.  But when the spoilage is complete from your own endeavors (or if you don't care about that), I hope to see you.  Thanks again.

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I'm halfway through so far and loving the video. I love that Angler's Hut, as it seems to appear at the right time, right when you need it. It seems that it works that way with you as well. Who knows, maybe it can teleport...


Anyways, I'm looking forward to another episode, and finishing this one, of course! 

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4 hours ago, Schrodingers Box said:

just one correction- your settings are not “true interloper”. far far from it. they are modified stalker settings.  if you modify interloper to stalker loot, you are not even remotely close to playing interloper. 

Thanks for chiming in.  Yes, for sure.  I've played quite a bit of Interloper.  Had I wanted to play true interloper in the sense you're thinking  I would just play interloper and not custom. :)

Where the term "True Interloper" (my own term) comes in for me is this: I think that while normal Interloper is of course difficult depending on your skill level and experience, there is some sense in my mind that the native Interloper setting would be better matched with low condition recovery (not medium) and far detection predator range (not medium).  That makes it more difficult than the regular Interloper settings.  To me, it better matches the starkness of not having any loot and the theme that Interloper is you being dropped in a true test of ultimate survival .  That said, of course the Deadman settings (most bad things set to max, no recovery at all) is the pinnacle of difficulty in that sense, but there's enough differentiation with this mode.

So, yes, what I'm trying to express is that my term True Interloper would be Interloper with low recovery/high preds, but not tinkering with the loot settings.  I've balanced the other direction to definitely make it easier in that sense by increasing the loot to Stalker.  So as you said it's not "true interloper" or even "interloper" but a mix of Stalker loot (i'm calling this "Gucci") and "true interloper."  Together it creates the moniker for this setting "Gucci True Loper", or true interloper gucci-ized.  A mix.

I definitely wasn't saying this was true interloper, or even interloper.

The loot is definitely nice and easier.  But interloper weather and not having that recovery is big.

My balance calculator (- for more difficult, + for easier) was going 1) interloper base 2) -true interloper settings 3) -one region 4) -unknown map 5) +stalker loot (gucci)

Thanks a bunch for your thoughts, SB.

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