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Could the Sun appear higher and lower in the sky according to the seasons.  I’ve heard the season suggestion before, which would be cool but that isn’t really where I’m headed with this.  So, this change would mark the seasons passing but, keep the terrain cold and snow covered.  The difference is more daylight for at times and more night at others depending on how long you survive.

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I actually asked about this a few years back; I'd really love to see a sky box that actually has the major aster landmarks on it (Polaris, Big Dipper, Orion, etc), that rotates about the north star, and have the sun follow a normal path through the skies over the course of a year as the earth moves around the sun, as well as having the lunar cycle resemble the actual lunar cycle, but I've seen no indication that they intend to move on it. AFAICT it's solstice only (12 hour days and nights) with the sun and moon rising and setting directly in the east and west only.

If/when modding tools end up getting made available, I may take a crack at doing it myself. I don't think I'd go so far as to set it up to try to simulate precession over some period of time so much as just have an annual cycle that starts on the day of the crash (I always figured that winter solstice is a good day to do that... shortest day of the year and the cold is coming) and have it run through them, while leaving the world in the grip of an endless winter... sort of a "dawn of a new ice age" vibe if you follow.

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Other date to consider picking is Groundhog Day, because Bill Murray, plus it's actually directly in the middle of the gap between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, as well as being generally the coldest time of year in the northern hemisphere. If you're a celt, you'd call it Imbolc, but either way the point is the actual date. Still, the note in Mountaineers says December, and yet, if you can choose Bill Murray, one should always choose Bill Murray. Because, you know, Bill Murray.

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