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I'm really enjoying the new features that Fearless Navigator brings, but I have one small request. Add a spray paint marker that marks a shelter/camp/outpost/safehold/etc.

The way I play, I like to set up these shelters all around the map. Usually a house, or a cave, or even a snow shelter and I stock them with supplies for topping off my own supplies as I explore around Great Bear or for emergencies. That way I can travel light, and if something happens while on the trail, there's always a place nearby I can duck my head into to wait out a blizzard or recover from an injury. It would be nice to have a spray paint marker that signifies that "This is a shelter, or a safe haven". Currently I just use the marker for "Supplies" but it would be nice to have one for camps too. Nothing fancy, just like a square with a triangle on top. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion, have a nice day!

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