Different between choosing charakters

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Just a expample


starts with cocking lvl3

10% speed bonus if under 35kg
faster stamina regeneration
-10% need of calories and water
10% to avoid sprain ankle risk
+10% faster cooking skill :P


starts with fireskill lvl3, fishing lvl3

+10% condition,
+10% speed bonus when over 35kg
+10% condition revover by sleeping
+10% stay longer awake


starts with fireskill lvl3, harvesting lvl 3
+10% faster Weapon leveling
-50% get spoted by the wildlife if not crouch
+20% to leveling the fireskill

something like this would be nice. so bring in more survival charackters with different stats.

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 @Even Dark

On 8/26/2020 at 11:30 PM, ManicManiac said:

It seems to me, that putting any kind of gender bias into gameplay would likely to open a can of worms that quickly leads to a lot of hostile (and potentially toxic) in-fighting in the community.  I think it's wiser to simply let the vocal performances convey any differentiation/characterization rather than attaching gameplay value to one or the other...   In an age where folks seem to hunt for things to be offended by (or by proxy for) that's it's just not a good idea.


:D Kind of reminded me of this scene:

Here is what the Admins had to say about that subject in the past (link included):
"To answer the original question, there are no game mechanics differences between the two options (Male or Female) when picking your survivor.
Discussions of what those differences could/should/would be, tend to go off the rails and never end anywhere useful. Thus to preempt anyone getting themselves into trouble we're going to lock this thread.


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The two characters in Survival Mode were designed to be the same and will remain so. While the idea of different player character stats might work in another game at this point it is not a feature we are looking to add to The Long Dark. 

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