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I've always thought this game was great on so many levels including the rifle chosen,I own a .303 myself. However I do think a single fire musket will hit home just as well with the crafting system and critical timing of how so many tasks can back fire on you. Like having a wolf or bear running at you and you have one shot to get it right followed by a lengthy reload maybe a skill to improve. I feel the aesthetic would fit into our hunter gather lifestyle very well and would be welcomed by many as a change of pace thanks for reading !!

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While I do agree that it might feel cool, I have to look how it would fit in with the game as it is. It would need to offer something over either the bow or the current firearms and I am struggling to see a use for it. It would be bad compared to the bow and the rifle in terms of killing power, which is a problem. The only thing left would be availability and cost of operation, and in both of which the bow will win. The flintlock would have nothing left to compete on.

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I don't think HL will include new rifles or guns in the TLD. Even if they have such plan, that will be very low priority. I cannot recall exactly where was it, but as far as I remember, devs already declared they are not interested in more firearms because they are not interested to transform TLD to shooting oriented game, they wrote something similar to this sentiment. 

I also thought musket or flintlock or crossbow would be great for interloper, only as a craftable item after level 5 of rifle skill, which takes a long time and large amount of ingredients. But I don't think HL will implement such things, at least in foreseeable future. 

So, I think, if additional rifle/shotgun/musket or whatever firearm is implemented, that would be via user modding rather than HL official. However, this will be really difficult and time costing work. Because this will require not only 3D modeling for new firearm (and dedicated ammo if that weapon requires it), but also animations for firing and reloading (including animation for movement of hand of the character and animation for ejecting shell casing as well) should be modded as well. 

There are some good free/purchasable 3d meshes/models and 3D animset for ammo and firearms and firing person in Unity asset store, but I don't know if these meshes and models and animsets are 1:1 100% convertible without any editing for TLD, because TLD is not using high quality 3D art style like other 3D games, instead TLD is using its own unique art style. Plus, working for 3D animation wouldn't be an easy one. 

If I know how to do these, and I would really go for it, I have something in my mind. But well, I have no idea as well.

We know HL is working for modding tool, but we don't know when will coming out, and we also don't know how much and how far they will allow to mod via their official modding tool. 

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