Animals: anchor points and waypoints rework.


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After a few hundred hours in the sandbox it's possible to learn the majority of locations animals spawn and are likely to be decreasing the replay value of the game. After awhile you just end up taking the same routes to avoid hostile animals and find beneficial ones. I know where the wolves/deer/rabbits are going to be in most major areas of the game, it never really changes and somewhat narrows the choices I make as a player in the game. 

It seems to me most the animals work on a anchor point system (except bears) where an animal spawns on a fixed point and stays in that general area. Bears seem to work on a waypoint system where they patrol a set path on the map. 

My suggestion is to move lone/packs Wolves to the waypoint system and add multiple layers of spawn points for animals. I've made two illustrations showing what a multilayer spawns system might look like. Perhaps after the player has slept of spent a certain amount of time or spent so long indoors the layer changes. This way you don't always have to go to the same area for rabbits or deer, you're not taking the same route to avoid wolves and bears.

Layer 1.png

Layer 2.png

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