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While the custom toolbox settings are great. I feel like we need even more customization ability. Specifically in regards to loot availiability. 

I think that there should be a custom option for baseline loot availiability, ground loot availiability and container item avaliability. 

For baseline loot you should have access to a whole list of all the items in the game. And select which ones spawn and which don't. So if you want hatchets but no knives, go ahead. Or if you want high quality food but maybe you find energy bars too OP? Go right ahead. Maybe you want good rare clothing but not expedition parka's. The choice is yours. 

For loose item availability you should be able to customize by category which items spawn frequently or not. So working with your baseline setting, food could be low, clothing could be high, tools at medium, etc... Same thing applies to container loot availiability. 

Furthermore you should also be able to apply those settings to different regions. Maybe you find CH has too much of a type of loot but Pleasant Valley doesn't have enough? You can balance it out. Or maybe make some hard to reach areas have more life saving supplies but the easy forgiving regions have little. (that's the kind of balance I would go for with these settings). 

Since custom mode doesn't allow for feat progression this kind of customization wouldn't be cheating. It allows for more player freedom and I believe it can make the survival mode experience much more engaging and long term. 

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I’d love it if there was a “fewer items but rarer” setting. I feel like there is just too much loot in general. I’d prefer it if it was harder to find clothing, but when you do, it’s more likely to be a cowichan or expedition parka.  Or, there’s fewer knives, but they’re at 90% +. 

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Agreed. I play with Interloper loot setting with baseline resource availability set to Medium. This is generally a good level of loot for me, but I wish it was harder to find weapons. Currently, there is 1 guaranteed rifle and revolver spawn per map. This isn't a problem on maps such as ML with a ton of rifle spawn locations, but on a small map like BR or DP (specific location guaranteed here too!), it's far too easy to check the few spawn locations and easily get a weapon. The Revolver has even fewer spawn locations per map. There should be a guaranteed amount of rifles and revolvers per world (which the player could customize), but no requirement of 1 rifle and revolver per region, especially in the smaller regions.

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