Eating On the Go & More Ways to Get Wet


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Alrighty, gonna break this post down into 2 main suggestions. Main ideas in bold.

The most recent update stopped the inventory from closing when you're done eating (and I'm totally cool with that), however, the game does not stop when you're in the inventory, leaving you vulnerable to wolf attacks and the like. Note that I haven't been attacked while in my inventory, but I'm sure it's just a few more days of gameplay away.

What I'd like to see is the ability to flag food under 0.25 kg( or maybe .10 kg ) as trail food. Something that you can eat on the go. Maybe don't let the player go crazy queuing up items, just flag 2 items (for each pocket). Throw on a hotkey for eating on the go, and give it a longer "action complete time" than stopping still to eat.

Maybe allow the player to process the meat they have into bite size strips to be eaten on the go.

Allow the player to put a 500mL water bottle in one of the pockets, to allow them to eat and drink on the go.

Or maybe as opposed to the bottle, have the player find an equippable "canteen" that can be filled with water similar to the way the storm lantern is filled with fuel.

Maybe with better coats, you have more pockets for snacks. Iunno, this bit is really just icing on the "eating on the go" cake.

This would also have an interplay with the "sprinting everywhere" problem, as you could impose penalties for attempting to run while eating or drinking. If you're trying to sprint while eating, your food could loose chunks of calories as it comes apart in your hands. Maybe add a small chance of choking and having to stop to cough up what you're eating (and getting eaten by what you're running from). If you're drinking and running, you could spill the water on you, making your clothing wet. These should be cancellable actions, so if you need to sprint and you're smart enough to spit out your food, you won't choke. This leads to...

More ways to get wet.

3 ways spring to mind so far.

The spilling of water if "on the go consumption" is implemented like above.

Freezing mists and freezing rain. It would be neat if the weather was able to slowly make a player get wet, and thereby more vulnerable to the weather, it would present a bit more depth to the "do I decide to travel today" question. And maybe make the player take shelter more often, even if they have top level gear.

Sweating. This is such a huge part of trying to be outdoors in the winter. If you sweat too much, you freeze. Right now the player can do a lot of long distance running without breaking a sweat (regardless of their pack weight). Incorporating sweating would still allow the player to run when they need to (as the risk of being sweaty is greatly outweighed by the reward of not being eaten), but still present a constant threat even on those clear, beautiful, run across the map sort of days.

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