Badges rewind and challenges complete I haven't done...


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Some advice please - I inlocked the Cold Fusion badge and slept a number of times since doing that which saved the game. Unfortunately I was set upon by a pack of wolves and ended that sandbox. Started a new one but the Cold Fusion badge is no longer unlocked and the game has put me back to 88% accomplished. Does that sound right? I thought once it was unlocked it stayed with you. In fact looking at my progress on all the badges, they seem to have gone backwards. 

EDIT I've just check my game again and in addition I now apparently have completed a number of challenges - which I really haven't. Hinterland I think something has gone wrong... possibly following the last update?

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They are aware that something is wrong: 

  • A small number of players are losing or gaining Badges following the update. We are aware of what is causing this and are working on a fix that we believe will address this issue.


I've lost the Darkwalker badge. Though maybe they reset that because it's a proper challenge now instead of an event

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