Dragging Deer and Wolf Carcasses


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I've been tossing this wish/idea around in my head for a little bit, and I was curious what other people might think about it.  (I apologise ahead of time if this is already posted somewhere, and I just missed it.) 

They ability to drag a deer or wolf to another location for butchering would be so helpful.  When I hunt a deer I often drag it away from my hunting spot before butchering. Now I know there are a lot of differences in these scenarios, particularly in deer size, lol. But, **SPOILER** if we can carry people around in the story mode, why can't we cary/drag a wolf or deer carcass to a better butchering spot?  - I realize a large male mule deer might be a bit of a stretch, but I would still qualify it as midsized game.

Now, I don't mean for this to be an easy out. It should definitely come with side effects/limitations. 

1.  To be able to move the animal it must not be more than say 25% frozen, at least when you start carrying/dragging it.

2.   You should not be able to bring it indoors or across maps. Basically anywhere that involves a loading screen. 

3.   I think it should be fairly stinky since it has been killed (I presume it is loosing blood some how), and maybe it could leave a blood trail similar to what a wounded one leaves. 

4.   It is heavy, so moving the carcass should make you over encomberd and unable to run. It should also put some higher level of drain on your fatigue.  Maybe similar to climbing but not quite that severe? Maybe a different level depending on whether you are dragging a deer or wolf?

5.   Maybe you could be required to craft some sort of harness for dragging it? Or maybe you could be required to have a climbing rope to move it, but the rope is not consumed in the process?

6.   Maybe once you move it, the spot where you butcher it stays stinky for a day or two? - this maybe a bit far fetched

Basically, I think it would be nice to have the option to move a carcass to a halfway sheltered place for butchering. It would be a risk to try to move the animal, but if you could drag it to a sheltered rock face or outdoor shed where you can build a fire and keep it going (except probably the worst of weather) it could be a life saver.

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The act of moving an animal carcass has been addressed, more or less, by the act of quartering.   It was not always advantageous and, at times, can be considerable trouble, if not downright dangerous (in game terms), but there it is.  It kept moving an animal carcass within existing game mechanics with some changes (since it dealt with breaking an animal carcass down into more of its component elements).  So while the devs can do what they want, I do not think, for the foreseeable future, that they would dispense with quartering as the way to move an animal carcass. 

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