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I would like to see animals calls and whistles added as a skill you can learn. For example being able to just whistle to get the attention of animals while hunting. Then as play maybe you can learn to make other noises. 

is it likely to see anything like this added? 

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While this sounds neat I don't think it's of any use with how the game is currently. Animals live in their tiny little areas and don't move and there are so many of them that if you want to find one it's extremely easy.

If they changed the game to let animals roam around more and also for there to be fewer of them so that hunting skills would be important I think this would be really nifty though.

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14 hours ago, Sus-wolf said:

I was thinking more like short distance calls. Just the kind that a person could normally mimic. It would be useful to get dear, bears, and wolves to look at you while your hunting.



Good morning @Sus-wolf.

As you may be aware, the noise from tossing a stone will have the short range effect that you are seeking. Preditor wildlife may investigate the sound and deer may be startled and flee from the sound. Both are useful for moving wildlife. As for getting the moose and bear to turn around and face in your direction, there is the option of standing/stepping from a crouched position. The ability to add a sound like a call or clearing your throat to attract the animal is a good thought for an addition to the game.

Stay safe my friend. :coffee:

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