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Day 60 here. Was just thinking how great i've been doing in avoiding any wolf or bear interactions. I think i had just gotten lucky. Also the revolver early really helps, although i don't even have it with me anymore.

got jumped at the Milton gas station bc i had to use the crowbar to open the door.



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Still day 7. Weather too good to pass up. I am just leaving poachers now. Can't see a thing but i am warm and snug. Can't afford to risk waiting it out in the camp and having a blizzard sneak up on me

Ok, time to revisit this one. It's the first time in a while that a series of runs really kicked my A and left me wanting something easier.   First try again, Mountain Town start....didn't g

that did not work out well.    

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got wolfed after harvesting a second deer. Right near the little swampy area where the moose sometimes spawned. Never seen a wolf there before.

anyway, he got me down to about 40% condition. Need to start hunting for birch again. I am going to wait for decent weather and then do the Muskeg transition, ridge area. I think there are some birches there.

i did kick his butt later when he followed me into the cave though. Small consolation.



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Day 73 - camp office. you will notice i have a little bit of an issue going on.

yeah. am at cooking 4.80 or whatever and i got the parasites. I doubled up on bear meat out of necessity and now i am sunk. i do have some treatments but not enough at this point. plus, i will need food and plenty of safe space to recover.




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ok, need to figure some stuff out. I have some antibiotics but not enough. I need mushrooms. I also need food and a safe place to sleep for when the sickness gets really bad.

i could try to stay in the mystery lake cave and fish for my supper but I suck at that. Plus wolves.

camp office isn't near food and trappers is now pretty far. plus wolves.

i took my sick butt to the ravine again. shrooms there and i can get lucky with some deer maybe.



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Day 5 with the parasites. Had to go out hunting bc food. Went wolf hunting near the dam. Got wolfed in the process. Fended him off with my hatchet.

Slept a day, didn't find his corpse. But i did bag another dear near the river and brought all 9 KG back to my cave home.

just a few more days left of sickness. It gets tougher now though with the fatigue.



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This is pretty much "Sleepwalking" as @BareSkincoined it. I still think it's one of if not the best way to play the game. Hard, challenging, but seriously rewarding. Adding guns to the game is a nice touch. I've been thinking about making a new series, and I guess it'll be something along these lines. Maybe reduce item decay significantly, since I really don't like how I feel I have to make unreal pace just to have a decent chance to get my gear.

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