Returning Player WTF IS WITH THE WOLVES???


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I haven't played TLD in a year or so and decided to get back into it.

I had been an interloper player before but the following list of mechanic changes with the wolves are driving me bonkers.


 On the road, full stamina, and waiting for a gap, I can not out run a wolf it just chases me across the whole map or obviously until I go inside somewhere.


 Why the fuck even have them in the game? Dropping raw meet of any size and long and almost pounce range distance does nothing. The wolves are not even phased. Maybe my game is bugged?


 I guess this is intended now but what the hell, why?


 So it seems to me the only way to survive a wolf is to either snipe it, point blank it, which is all I do now and is mostly just a ROLL OF THE DICE, or let it chase you till the end of time!!??? 

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You cannot outrun a wolf? Really? Are you being unintentionally ironic here, or what? It's a frickin' wolf, dude. When's the last time you outran your dog? Yeah, never.

Aurora makes ALL animals way more aggressive. Not just wolves. This has been the case forever.

Does the fishing hut have a door? If not, go to one with a door. Close door. Wolf can't get in. Problem solved.

Throw a stone at the wolf. Hit it on the snout. It'll run off scared. Otherwise, shoot it.

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You can get away from wolves by walking away from them and giving them a wide berth. As long as you're not smelly from meat they'll just stalk you, sprinting occasionally to catch up. After a while they'll give up and leave. The moment you start running they perk up and charge.

If you drop a decoy while running I think they just find the running more appealing... Who wants left overs when you can have fresh? Lol

Aurora wolves seem to be scared of the flash light. They also don't like flares and the lantern I believe (don't quote me on that though).

I've never been attacked in a fishing hut, even one without a door but I've heard of it happening. Porches are the same, sometimes they manage to get through to attack but it's harder.

Hope this helped!


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On 12/3/2020 at 5:57 PM, Coristun said:

I had been an interloper player before but the following list of mechanic changes with the wolves are driving me bonkers.

Maybe after not playing the game for a year, you shouldn't go right into Interloper? I suggest playing on voyager for a while, to get your bearings. Interloper isn't one of the toughest survival games out there for a reason. It's not for everyone, I don't play it because I simply don't find it fun. Maybe you're the same?

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It comes basically down to learning the newer strategies for dealing with them.  Hint - throwing stones to distract them away from the area before they start charging you works.  Flares work.  Running does not work.  Watch some of the higher level players on Youtube in interloper and you'll see how easily they've learned to deal with the wolves.

ETA;  If you're in Bleak Inlet and dealing with Timberwolves though - my sympathies, and prepare to get ravaged, a lot.

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Sprinting actually does work, if you have a way to lose them out of sight. If you can sprint around a large rock formation and almost circle back behind them and go a different direction, they lose you and just go back to wandering around.

The best way to deal with them IF you see them first is crouching, and this goes for timbers as well. If you crouch you can get way closer to them without them seeing you and sneak by them. Even with meat on you, the normal wolves with jog towards you and get REALLY close before they actually react to you and go into a charge. If you have lvl 5 archery or a gun, you can shoot them easily since they jog straight at you as opposed to the juke they do when they charge. Without meat on you, they'll ignore you altogether until you get close. I use this method for the timbers near the lookout tower in Bleak Inlet and can walk right by the pack to the tower without triggering them.

And yeah, baiting is now more a minor distraction than a way to actually get them off your tail. If you do bait, don't just stop and watch them, they'll ignore the bait and charge. If you drop a decoy and keep going, usually they'll take it and then wander a ways off.

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