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I am a brand new player who just started the game on Nintendo Switch (I've put in about 6 hours in Wintermute), and I am absolutely blown away. What an incredibly beautiful and compelling piece of work. This game feels so deep, so lovingly crafted, and so immersive, it really is stunning. I can't wait to dive further in and learn the mysteries and secrets of Great Bear. To me, this game enters the realm of "masterpiece," and it is so cool to see the devs continually working to update and expand it over the years and to this very day.

One quick anecdote: when I went to get Grey Mother's key from the farmhouse in Milton, a massive blizzard started up. Suddenly I realized that I was going to have to spend the night in the farmhouse. In its own simple way, that was such an amazing moment, something I've rarely encountered in a game: because of the realistic randomness of the world, my plans were totally upended, and I had to make decisions and adapt to a new situation. It was so simple, and yet made the world feel real and threatening and exciting.

Thank you, HInterland, for this amazing work!

For anyone else reading: what small moments like that have struck you during your gameplay?


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The beauty in the world Hinterland has created sometimes will still strike me so abruptly even after 600+ hours of gameplay under my belt.

I got caught with some bad weather rolling in at dusk on Timberwolf Mountain, so instead of risking getting lost in a zero visibility blizzard and gathered some quick firewood and found a cozy nook in some rocks and snuggled into my bearskin bedroll.

When I awoke it was just before true dawn and the sky was some breathtaking that I walked out, despite the cold, just to enjoy the slow change of colors as the sun rose.

This game is fun and all, but it is also truly beautiful.1015023125_Goodmorning-TWM.thumb.png.57e609a6c975f02d91d041b02f3902d4.png.

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Yep I know that nook well.  Andre’s peak in Timberwolf Mountain.  
alternative to that place in a pinch is the cave entrance just down the hill adjacent to the Engine.  It’s closer to the river, but upslope toward the mountain and you won’t have to burn a fire to stay warm inside. 

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