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Like Lohaan said, there are lanterns, torches, flares, and a flashlight.

However, the lanterns need lantern fuel, which you can find in small bottles or jerry cans. As an added bonus Lanterns can't be snuffed out by the wind, and they don't need a match to light.

You can craft a torch, or take one from a burning fire. They can be extingushed by wind and they need a match to light. When lit they also provide a temperature buff

Flares can be found throughout the world, and they don't need a match and can't be extinguished by the wind. You can also throw them at wolves to try and scare them off.

Flashlights aren't all that common and they can on;y be used during an aurora, when electronics start working again. It has a high beam that can scare off wildlife.

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