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You guys can add a option to game to remove your backpack and put somewhere you want. When you reach your safe house or someplace like that, your backpack can be heavy and don't want to drop your gear to ground. I know it's sound like little bit useless but this will make the game more functional. Put this idea to someplace. it can be really useful.

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  I recommend the search function, as there has been a lot of good discussion on this kind of thing in previous threads.
I'll echo what I mentioned in one of them:

On 10/30/2020 at 3:33 AM, ManicManiac said:

Personally, I prefer the current inventory system as Hinterland has designed it.  I'm not in favor of other packs... or quickly dropping a pack full of our gear...

On the one hand, I think having different packs with different carry capacities would undermine having to carefully decided what we need to lug around with us, and what "extra" stuff we feel is worth the encumbrance.  I think this game is all about making careful and deliberate decisions, so prefer Hinterland's current system over the idea that's been suggested.

On the other hand (the idea being able to "drop pack" in an emergency), I think would also undermine the idea of having to carefully choose what we really need to bring with us (vs what we'd like to bring with us).  If we choose to carry a house on our backs... but then don't have to suffer the consequences because we can just quickly dump all of it if we get into "trouble;" I just think that would kill most of the necessity of carefully planning our treks to begin with.  That's why I'm not in favor of that aspect of the idea that's been put forth.  I just really don't like the idea of a "bailout mechanics" and/or "safety-net mechanics," and that is what it seems like to me.

To me, being able to quickly dump inventory in the form of a "drop pack" mechanic and the idea of several different carrying capacities... (in my opinion) only serve to make life easier for the player; and I'm generally not in favor of things that make life easier for the player.


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I actually don't think it's a terrible idea. Most containers in game have weight limits and can only store a limited number of items. Plus you may not want to have to divide up your items, because you have some stuff in the metal container, work bench draw, dresser, and lockers.

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