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Electrical leak damage

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I literally reach the ammunition workbench in Bleak Inlet and I didn't know I was going to die to electrical leak in 1 second. My 50 days of efforts just wasted in ONE GODDAMN SECOND!!!!

You guys have to fix this bulls**t or balance the damage for players to not kill them in a second. I know leaks were giving damage in game but I just step on cable and died. That's what I'm angry for. I really appreciate you for your work but you guys have to show some more effort to these simple request. I hope someone will read this and take care of this problem.

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So you've learned about electrocution and I bet my rabbit hat you won't make that mistake again. But that's TLD. There are a million mistakes to make so you progress and die over and over again. I lost a 300 day interloper game cause I decided to explore the semi-new mine in Coastal Highway. I stepped into a plash that was secretly electrical so that was that, damn there wasn't even an arurora. Feel disgruntled if you want to but get over it and start a new playthrough where you beat your former self. Better luck skills next time :) 

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