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I thought if the Darkwalker event comes back or is fully implemented into the game (might not happen lol), here a few ideas to add to the Event:

1. Entity Speed: I think that the longer you live, the faster the Darkwalker becomes, so that you can't easily avoid it all the time, and one way to deal with this ties into Point 2.

2. Hitpoints: I think that you should be able to hurt the Darkwalker, not kill it but just to slow it down. There should be times where small parts of its 'body' appear and are temporary weak points, 'Chinks in the armour' if you like, and are targets you could aim for and slow it down. 

Point 1 and 2 means we have to pick up a weapon if we want to live longer, which puts pressure on pack weight. But this should be optional, and be enabled for people who want a challenge.

3. New Rune, Sight: more of an aesthetic rune, allows you to see the Darkwalker for a certain period of time. It would be cool to see the thing that is so bent in killing you. Can be used only once a playthrough, like the Dispel Fog Rune.

4. New Rune, Banish: like the Ward Rune, but banishes the Darkwalker for a second, but shorter, grace period. Again, can only be used once per game, and maybe can't be used when under the Anxiety or Fear affliction.

5. New ending, Escape: now I know this doesn't tie in with normal TLD gameplay, but I feel there should be a chance you can get out of its realm and get a new ending other than "The Darkwalker Devoured You", since why bother running from it if you gonna die anyway, and I like an objective to work towards. But maybe if you do want to die to shadow wolf demon, then you can disable it.

6. Electrical disturbance: whenever the Darkwalker is near you, the lights could flicker to add to the mood a little. Just another aesthetic idea.

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30 minutes ago, Gracia_WolfSlayer said:

I thought it'd be cool to be able to "vanquish" it...  ...Like a ritual to send it back to where it came from.

...with the December update, that's what we get.


On 11/10/2020 at 5:07 AM, Admin said:

To try to make it up to you, we’re going to prepare Darkwalker as a new standalone Challenge in the game, to be released along with the rest of our December update content, which includes a new region and a variety of other things. This way, anyone who missed the event, on any of our platforms and for any reason will still get the chance to play ESCAPE THE DARKWALKER, and unlock all the same content that was available during the live event.

And anyone who already played the event will get to play the improved version in December, where we add a new phase that lets you actually banish the Darkwalker.




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