Grouping food (one day calories)


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What i mean, appens that we have a lot of food and maybe we wanna store it in a base but how much food i will store and how much i will bring with me?.

If the total amount of calories is 2400 (don't remember exatly) and if i can group the food in a pachage that total is 2400 calories i know that for example with 3 group of food i can survive 3 days..

the grop can be done only using 100% quality food.

What i need is..wanna leave this place for 3-4 days , how much food i have to carry with me?

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That is depend on what do you do, if you just sleeping all day then it will be 1800 calos/24h (it s min) but if you running around, chopping up firewood, making things,... then it will be alot more. Advice is bring a little more so you wont be starve, and carry only light foods with high calos will help to carry more. Also if you are freezing, your starving drop down faster. Cant tell what will happen, maybe when you about to head home, a storm go up and you have to spend a whole night in some cave, ate all the food but still starving soon later, the next morning the storm is clear, head home with an empty stomach and 50% condition, then you get attack by wolf just by this corner because you dont scout first. You are dead.

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