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I have noticed a problem that seems have cropped up rather recently (I attribute to whatever else was updated when Escape the Darkwalker event update occurred).  I hope that this can be resolved.

Basically from a stack of items, like a stack of sticks, fish, fir wood, and even picking up rabbit carcasses, etc. it has become difficult to get a response when hunting around the pile to be able to pick up something. 

For instance with a stack of sticks, it was usually pretty easy to pick up the sticks, one by one, of course, as your cursor roved over the pile, but now as your cursor roved over the stack, the tooltip "stick" will flitter on and off.  It can be difficult to get the "stick" to show so it can be picked up.  Running the cursor along the edges of the stack - the head, tail, and sides - seems to be much more fruitful.

Single items do not seem to have this issue unless it is a rabbit carcass.  When dealing with a snared rabbit, I found that pointing the cursor at the center of the carcass yielded no response but putting it at the head or butt end got a response and the carcass could be picked up. 

So things were not broken but certainly seemed odd and can be a bit of a problem and frustrating.

With no expertise in this, I suspect a collision issue has arisen for items in close proximity to each other - like a pile of sticks - and for, whatever reasons, the ends of the stick can be responsive while the "collision" issue may block access to the stick at any other point.  I have been reminded about how dropping a torch or other item into a pile of sticks has caused me to have to  pick up a bunch of sticks until the item tooltip showed up even though the item was pretty visible in the pile. 

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Yeah, we've got a thread about it over on the Steam forum, too:

It appears to be an issue with the Unity update.  At least in my experience, if you make a separate pile for each type of item (e.g., one pile for sticks, a different pile for cedar, a different pile for reclaimed wood, etc.) this seemed to help with the issue somewhat.

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I have had problems selecting items to pick up.  It has happened all of the time since the Darkwalker updates.  I hadn't noticed whether it specifically applied to single items or piles of items.  I assumed that the target zone for selection had been reduced and was slightly out of position. 


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Yes - definitely a problem.

I tend to disagree in as much as I think there is an issue with single items - the cursor tends to highlight when it is off to one side of the item rather than directly over it. But at least it does highlight reliably.

Hovering over a stack of items (sticks, reclaimed wood, books etc*) and the cursor hardly ever highlights where it ought to - you have to move it off to one side and it's quite random whether it will highlight. Which in turn is quite frustrating because it can be quite time consuming - and time is a very real resource in the game.

(* sticks, reclaimed wood and books are the things I am sure most often get dumped in a pile on the ground - but I suspect it is "dumped in a pile on the ground" which is the key factor here, not the specific items).

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