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There is a lot of detail that I love in this game.. little things that really make me feel immersed while trying to survive. I found peanut butter beside a box of crackers, and I thought that is a great snack (even if this example was RNG!) but I digress. Suffice to say that I think the devs are doing a great job creating an interesting and detailed environment, and they usually have things right (e.g. with the hardwood (fir) and softwood (cedar) details)

Certain details also stick out to me when the are wrong, like the details provided for rainbow trout: "A small saltwater fish named for its irridescence."

I'll summarize the facts that apply to this description, and maybe it can get fixed up: Rainbow trout are generally a freshwater species, however in coastal areas there is a sea-run variety, which is typically called Steelhead. In both freshwater and saltwater rainbow trout can grow to over 30 lbs, so small is not a great description. Finally, rainbows are named for the pinkish coloration along the side of the body, not iridescence.

I know this is nitpicky, but its a feedback forum afterall. :)

Maybe a better description would be "A prized and colorful sportfish" or another suggestion?

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