Voyageur wolves too aggressive


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I believe voyageur is meant to be a challenge too :)

They have been altering the wolves' behavior in recent updates--they have decreased in aggressiveness a bit I believe.. Still, one killed me today -- came through my lit torch and took me down from 100% to 0. :( I have fought off many wolves--- I don't know why this one would not die.

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They seem to be operating as a pack much more, esp. on the CH map. Their reaction zone has shrunk back a bit but they rarely seem to retreat anymore. I really don't like the wolves that just march back and forth--it's too much like a video game. Thankfully they seem to be moving away from that AI.

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Can barely get into range to shoot before they are upon me.

I thought Stalker mode was meant to be hard.

I think Stalker is just meant to be harder, not the only difficult one. Anyway, a tip for handling the wolves: wait until it notices you, back away while taking aim as he's closing in on you, and put a bullet in the head when he's close enough. Just make sure you don't miss. I once shot between a wolfs legs when he was coming for me, and he was too close to be scared away by the gunshot. He still ended up being the dinner, though. :)

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My understanding of why Stalker mode is graded hard is that all animals and items seem to be scarce.

I would agree to this.

I finally started playing Stalker today as I had discovered and looted everything in voyageur and further survival would have been very repetitive (day 170 savegame). I was looking forward to be challenged by endless wolf attacks or terrible weather conditions in stalker, but to be honest... there's not much of a difference between voyageur and stalker.

(I'm on day 30 right now and haven't encountered more than one life-threatening situation yet - which was on day 2. Maybe I'm going to change my opinion later on when I enter CH and PV, but at least ML feels almost like in voyageur. I don't mind it too much, though. It's still a lot of fun to me and that's what matters most). ;)

I have the feeling you find a lot less items in stalker, there are some more wolves (feels like +30% or so) and blizzards seem to occur a bit more often. If the aggro range of wolfes is bigger in stalker, the difference is so small I have'nt even noticed it yet.

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I can not accept what you are saying.

I startet yesterday a new game as Voyageur, bevor i was playing Pilgrim till day 52 to learn about the Game and the Maps.

I started at Mystery Lake near the Broken Tunnel and did only a few Steps until the first Heavy Storm got me. Let me explain ... only simple Clothes, down at 30% ... Fatigue run up like Hell ... Cold, Hunger, Thirst run up like Hell ... and i survived only cause i know the map and could find the CampOffice in this Snowstorm. A new Player would die in a few Minutes. Inside the CampOffice the most containers was empty. I could not go outside to find any Food, so my Experiment endet after 16h by a Wolfe when i was going outside my Door.

Next Try. I survived 4 Days. Each Day a heavy Storm to the Best Time for harvesting. Cause of Death ? Wolf was waiting in front of my Door.

Next Try : I made it to day 14. Found the Rifle and a Bit of Ammo. Shot Wolfes several Times (short Distance) straight in the Face ... no one was death. Normaly i needet 2-3 Shots to kill a Wolfe. The Best was : 1 Shot Body - he started to run to me. Next Shot middle in his face - he turnd to flee. 3rd Shot in his Ass ... and what happend ? He run half the Map nearby the Trappers Homestead. With 3 Bullets in his dammned Body.

I think the Dev's did to much to seperate the Voyageur from the Pilgrim. Overall since Yesterday i had more then 20 Fights to Wolfes. 2 Wolfes run away (i had the WolfJacket) the Rest of them attacked me - ignored the Wolf-Jacket. 15 times i shot them 2-3 Bullets in the Body - no one was dead. 3 Times i died from theyr Attack when they was waiting in Front of my Door.

I can not call this "realistic" and i cant call it "balanced" ... sorry.

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no need to apologize TheBugfixer, its just my opinion... everyone can agree or disagree ٩(●˙—˙●)۶

ok, lets talk about, but please not to complex. I'm a old man and my German is better than my English ;)

So, what does you mean ? The Voyageur-Mode is ok as it is ? I try it now 2 Days and i think the Mode is to hard. It where enough if the Devs had addet the Attacks of Wildlife (if you do not wear the Wolf-Jacket) and set the need of Food a little bit higher ... but this i have seen is "Hardcore" ... i think it's no more Space to make it harder - and i ask me : What will awaiting me, if i try the hardest Mode tomorrow ?

Maybe i`m wrong, then tell my your sight of the Game ... but i think the most Players that will later buy this Game (when it's ready) will spend a nice Time at Pilgrims-Mode, a big Part of them want Game that have a little bit more of Risk to survive and the Payers they want a "Hardcore-Fight" of Survive will be the Minority.

What do you think about ?

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@BugFixer: first, read my guide in the signature - it is absolutely possible and not very hard to survive among terror wolves. But you have to respect them.

Second, Voyageur compared to Pilgrim is a much bigger difference than Voyageur to Stalker. It's why I tend to recommend Pilgrim only to people who intend to stay in this mode. You don't learn how to deal with dangers in Pilgrim, this is what Voyageur is for. In Pilgrim you create daily routines for yourself that simply don't work if there are wolves around that will attack you and you walk paths that you'd never walk in the other modes. Trying to apply your Pilgrim playstyle to Voyageur or Stalker results in the experience you are making: nothing works, you get constantly killed by wolves and you have a harder time in Voyageur than if you'd have started in this mode, because before you can learn anything, you first have to unlearn alot you did in Pilgrim.

We are all playing the same game and yet there are people who can't survive in Voyageur for more than 5 days and others who do 1000 days in Stalker. Ask yourself, what are they doing different? There's your answer :D

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Second, Voyageur compared to Pilgrim is a much bigger difference than Voyageur to Stalker.

Exactly this. There's no linear increase in difficulty between Pilgrim-Voyageur-Stalker right now, as wolves in Voyageur are almost as dangerous as in Stalker (and wolf attacks probably cause 95% of deaths, at least among beginners).

I can somehow understand people complaining about this, maybe the devs could decrease the distance in which wolves notice you a bit in Voyageur. Not much, maybe 5-10 meters.


Seems to me you're not doing bad, as your survival times rise constantly. Read Chillplayer's guide, be vigilant and you'll be fine once you know the maps and wolf-infested areas. :)

And don't worry about Stalker mode, if you survive more than 50 days in Voyageur, I really doubt you will have severe trouble in Stalker. ;)

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There's your answer :D

Here is it - my answer.

As i started the Game last week on Friday, i know nothing about the Mechanisms that work inside. Now i know that the most Parts of the Game are Random. It starts with the Items you can find when you enter a Map until the Count of burned Houses.

So ... why can you think you can explain me the game, when -maybe - you was only an "darling of fortune" and everything you did was turned to Gold? So .. what advice will you give a "simple Player" like me, when outside is a heavy storm with -34C Air and -25C Wind for days, when he is sitting in his Bunker ?

I think there are to much Game-Elements random, so it is difficult to compare Situations - there are never the same terms.

And ... the last i want to ask : Have you ever startet a new Game after V200 ?

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So ... why can you think you can explain me the game, when -maybe - you was only an "darling of fortune" and everything you did was turned to Gold?

after 203 hours according to steam and surviving for more than 1000 days in stalker? Fortuna must really love me... (it doesn't, in fact it hates me, on my current run I couldn't find a hunting knife, painkillers nor can opener for 15 days, I almost restarted, only two firestarters and one magnifying glass told me otherwise :D)

So .. what advice will you give a "simple Player" like me

Keep playing, die alot, learn from every death. There's no better advice ;)

[EDIT] sorry opeth, read your answer too late. Will keep out of the discussion, he's all yours :D But you know that I speak native german? :lol:

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Lets try it this way, lets suggest to the developers to use the following:

Pilgrim mode - harsh weather conditions and wildlife will only attack if you get too close while the wildlife is having a meal..

Voyageur mode - harsh weather conditions and wildlife is not too aggressive (v.183)..

Stalker mode - a**oles deserve this mode so stay as it is, hahahaha..

its just my two all (♡˙︶˙♡)

Let me present my 2 Cent:

Pilgrim - calculable Weather, no Attack (makes it hard to find Wolfes or Bears to craft your Items), moderate usage of Food and Water , Wind and Air <= 20°C ( the Playscool ) , find mostly low-Items, rarely medium

Voyageur - lesser calculable Weather - automatic Wolfattack only if you don't weat the Wolf-Jacket (so you can decide by yourself if you want the Risk to fight), normal usage of Food and Water ( little bit more than now in Pilgrim ) , Wind and Air <= 30°C, find mostly medium-Items, rarely higher

Stalker - random Weather, wide range Attack of Wolfes and Bears, realy higher usage of Food and Water , Wind and Air unlimited , find mostly Premium-Items - That will then be the Premium-Class of Fighters ... and they could be proud when they survive ...

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nice suggestion TheBugfixer, very detailed (*゚▽゚)ノ

we have a German section here at the forums, post your question or suggestion in German and our members will answer back in German as well


here is the link:

I can not say how happy i am. I searched days for a German Forum and you present it me ... my English is not good enough to follow complex Posts as i should do. So ... i think i join the other Forum, but ... i do it with one crying Eye ... some of you here was very kindfull and helpful. I hope my bad English made not to much troubles with the misunderstandings that must follow about...

So ... let me thank you again ... and maybe from time to time i will visit the English Forum again ... that`s maybe a threat ... hehehe

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"Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge" (= "with one laughing and one crying eye" if you translate it word-for-word) is one of the numerous nice german proverbs and means "with mixed feelings". After all, Germany is "the land of poets and thinkers", thus proverbs are mandatory! ;P

A similar proverb can be found in Shakespear's Hamlet ("With one auspicious and one dropping eye"), so this phrasing is probably really old. It might even originate from the ancient Anglo-Saxon dialect (predecessor of both modern English and German). Really a pitty that it's no longer used in modern English.

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