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hello, i have a small (?) issue with surveying/mapping in survival (custom difficulty), some weird behaviour. doesnt happen always, but quite often and once it happens, cannot be undone no matter what i tried.
when i first survey an area, reveal resources and area, all is well. but after collecting the resources and re-survey (to remove them from map to limit the clutter and to make it look pretty), more often than not they stay there, or even, previous ones appear that arent there anymore. like, i collect reishi-shrooms around an area, they arent on the map, even when i survey. some time later i re-survey to try to remove a sapling i already collected nearby, and suddenly those shrooms pop up on the map, and wont disappear. happens with other stuff (branches, liches...) too...

anyone can offer suggestion for help or fix in this issue? (for resources that arent there anymore to reappear on the map). thanks

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