Well, I got my Deadly Dreamer badge.

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That's further than I thought I'd get. I even had a shot at lasting a little longer, but it appears that you can spend too much time in close proximity to the DW without actually making contact with it and still be consumed. I threw down a Ward on top of Carter Hydro to buy time to chug an energy drink, shed some redundant gear and catch my breath; according to the gage the DW was halted 20+ meters away, but I still got deaded about ten seconds after anyway. Or maybe it was the fear that killed me. Anyway, a little disappointing, but like I said, I never thought I'd last as long as I did.

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The fear slowly damages you too. And it’ll say the darkwalker devoured you even when you’ve died of means that it couldn’t possibly have done, like walking into the ocean or a fire. Both of which I did. Or being devoured by animals, who are unlikely to share with the darkwalker. Cause they are rude, I guess...

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