New weapons and compass and large backpack


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I feel like some of your suggestions would not work with the current state of the game. They have said they don't really want to add more firearms because they don't want the game to be a shooter, skill trees would mess up the current skills system, a compass wouldn't work because of the aurora, and we already have the moose-hide satchel and well fed buff so their is no need for backpacks in my opinion.  

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I suggested Colt C19 rifle before. It is made-in-Canada rifle for Canadian Rangers, replacing ages-old LE rifles. This should appeal to the feeling of "Canada". As far as I know, at the moment of 2020, replacement project is over and almost all Rangers are being trained and using C19 rifles.

I don't think HL will make a new rifle for us. Even if they have a plan, it would be low priority, not to mention that I don't think HL have such plans for new rifle model. So I don't think we will see a new rifle from HL.

Best chance will be a user mod. I wish HL publish the modding tool for TLD, so that many talented modders could easily implement new items and new ideas and etc. Right now, as far as I know, modding is very limited due to IL2CPP. It is possible but very tricky. 

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One of this games strong points is it's simplicity. 

Crossbow for the most part is made redundant by the bow.

The only reason I could see a shotgun being a thing is if it could not only fit slugs but also emergency flare rounds (so you get ammo variety in only one gun) and was something like a single barrel break action. Thing is, there isn't much of a need for different types of projectiles. This isn't a hunting sim, there are no park rangers/law enforcement to get pissed at you if you shoot a rabbit with the bolt action rifle and most 'enemies' would be best hunted with the rifle anyway.

Maybe if crows and other birds are added as possible prey, then maybe add a single barrel break action shotgun which can fit birdshot (along with slugs and emergency flare shells) to facilitate in hunting them. Other than that, I can't really see more weapons being added.

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I like the idea to be able to walk while aiming the revolver it feels odd that your survivor has to stand still to aim I understand (sorta) why they done it but still wouldn't mind seeing them change it. As for a compass that won't work as the game lore is based off of a geomagnetic disaster that's why the power is out, a massive solar flare screwed up the Earth's magnetic field disrupting electricity completely only to be partially restored during an Aurora. This geomagnetic disaster would cause the compass to just spin around.  

The rest I'm not sure would be good for the game minus the backpack but as of now that has been added

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ok i see the point in wanting some of these items but they would make me feel like I was playing a crappy survival game but i would like to see like a scope for the rifle and the rifles range increased a bit it feel a bit ridiculous having to be point blank and only then are you able to shoot 

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