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Not long ago I had posted a comment to someone else's topic of "Accelerate Time" key.


In that post I had spoken how I thought it might be necessary with the bigger world we have no, we had like 3 maps back in 2015, is quite a few more now.  I had guessed that traveling across the world might take 8+hours to accomplish, and someone else basically replied "no way," and said they'd set up a new Pilgrim game and give it a go and respond.  I haven't seen a response, and since my last 100 day game just ended due to a dumb mistake, guess I'll give it a go.

First I'll look around MT for some decent clothes, repair 'em, search for or make a bow and some arrows, then make the trip to HRV to get the Moose Satchel and then the most Northeast cave.

Day 1

Spawned out in the open and just picked a direction that seemed to go “down” and started walking.  See a building and fence in distance.  When I got closer, yup, Paradise Meadows Farm.  Found a hatchet in the barn.  Found a key when searching a truck.  Hunting Rifle and Advanced Gun guide found in master bedroom.  Found first hatchet at the School House.  Spent the evening in the main Milton House harvesting junk clothes.  Got doark so went to sleep.

Day 2

Woke up and finished looking around Milton House, found a revolver, nice.  Looked around the town of Milton, bank/post office.  Figured I’d spend a bit of time repairing some of the better clothes, wool longjohns, climbing socks, wool torque.  Oh, and found some ski pants somewhere, no clue when or where.  Also did a few hours of research, then to sleep.

Day 3

Woke up to a blizzard to reading books again.  Ended a little after mid day, so walking down to gas station.  Heavy Hammer found in the bed of a blue truck, kind of underneath the snow, couldn’t really see it, just the words popped up.  After finding hammer, searched other houses nearby on route and found a few more decent items, so headed back to main house to store and sleep.

Day 4

Headed to Convenience Store (gas station).  Found a military coat and am up to 20/10 in my clothes so guess I’m about ready to begin the trip.  Gonna check church, then head back to farm a sec and grab the rifle I had found, and check the basin for the moose.  Found a much better rifle, 83%, up at the Park so.  Also found Practical Gunsmithing (gunsmithing skill) on a table in Picnic Area, guess BooBoo was looking out.  Heading back to main house, dropping off what I don’t need, fix some clothes or read some, and will check moose tomorrow.  Another blizzard snuck up on me while storing, so will stick here and first check moose and if he’s not there, check the church and the trailer.

Day 5

Went down to the basin and checked the moose.  Didn’t see him so restarted game at last save and checked the church.  Found my first knife in the back seat of a car outside the church, so good trip.  Gonna check moose to the east of here and trailer.  Tree marks seen, now let’s see If he’s here.  No sighting after 2 loops and climbing the overlook.  Reset to trailer and heading back south, will check out plain crash just cuz then sort stuff for the trip.  Plane crash had an ear rap and MRE, so repping/reading and spending the night in the cave.

Day 6

Made it back to cabin.  Spent most of the day sorting through my stuff.  Then repaired my lantern, was only 45% that I’d found.  Spent rest of the evening sharpening my best axe and knife, and cleaning my revolver.  Time for sleep.

Day 7

Did a last sort and check, grabbed a bit of my better weight per calorie foods, and time to head to HRV, specifically the Lake Cave at Watchfull Fall, but only after the signal fire so I can grab that satchel.  Carefully made my way down the steep snow near the big tree, near the long climb up rope.  Took a nap at the ledge for a couple hours because the climb drains a player quite a bit. Took another nap at the cave, then went down and grabbed the satchel.  Also found a Mackinaw Jacket and Cowichan Sweater, and a high q revolver.  Good finds.  Headed back to the cave for the night cuz I’d seen some Fir logs and 4 or 5 pieces of coal if it got cold, it’d started to snow so.

Day 8

Fully rested right before dawn.  Figured I’d get started.  Think I already broke the “no eating meat” thing, so will pick up that slab of moose meat on my way by.  Well spit, forgot to grab the climbing robe when I came.  Hopefully can get back to it so I can set it by the signal fire spot.  Yup, wasn’t a problem.  Ended up getting lost as all heck.  HRV can cause that quite a bit.  Ended up somehow at Offset Falls, think I know my way from here.  Taking a two hour snooze in the cave west of Mammoth Falls.  Not a 100% sure how I got there, but I did.  Lake Cave at Mammoth Falls.  Time to sleep.

Day 9

The “official” start of my trip.  Will be using stopwatch on my phone and only tracking travel time.  Only sprinting if have to to avoid moose or bear.  First trek, HRV back to MT.  Going to try to stay north and head mostly west before going south, to miss a lot of the confusion in the middle.  Have to be careful around that bear spawn, but here goes.

HRV>Cave MT exit:  30:31  took nap there due to travel fatigue.

MT Cave to Church:  33:09 so 2:38 travel.  Resting here due to darkness and fatigue.

Day 10

Church>Milton House pitstop:35:18 so 2:09 travel

Milton House > Mystery Lake: 46:09 so 10:51 travel

Cave @ Mystery Lake > Trapper’s quick stop > Camp Office  52:14 so 6:05 travel time

Sleepy time.

Day 11

Camp Office > Ravine:  57:48 = 5:14 travel time

Ravine > Coastal Highway:  1:05:28 = 7:40 travel

CH railway > Fishing Cabins:  1:08:28 = 3:00

Decided to look around, maybe a fishing shirt.  No soup, so moving on.

Fishing Cabins > Quonset Garage:  1:14:05 = 5:37 travel

Looked around garage.  Ski Jacket and revolver round all that’s worth it.  Left behind a couple knives and still plenty of food here if I wanna come back.  Moving on.

Quonset Garage > Crumbling Highway (Old Island Connector) 1:18:04 = 3:58 travel

CH > Coal Mine No. 3:  > Coastal Point:  1:23:18 = 5:04 travel

Taking break here due to fatigue.

Day 12

No. 3 Coal Mine > Hibernia Processing  1:28:45

So basically an hour and a half to get from one side of the map to another, pure walking time.  In game that’s 3 days with night time sleeping.  No searching cars or houses.  No exploring and taking a route that isn’t the the most direct path.  No gathering food or water because I started with plenty and picked up a bit along the way.  This time doesn’t include the time I used to sleep.  I never used my sprint button.  It’s just pure walking.  And I know these maps pretty well.  It does not include  traveling in Broken Railroad, Forlorn Muskeg, Pleasant Valley, Timberwolf Mountain, or Bleak Inlet.  It doesn’t include being slowed by encumbrance, as I ensured I was more than 8kg lighter than max when I started.  There was some winds that slowed me, not much really.  So 8 hours may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but doing trips through all the other maps, with this trip only being about half of what’s available, you’re still looking at 3+ hours of walking.  Nothing else.  Real time walking your character.

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I personally am a fan of the real-time feel TLD has. I can understand why folks would want features like 'fast travel', but to me, that's part of the game I'd be missing out on. Even when I play games like Skyrim, which has several fast travel options, I typically choose to walk or ride a horse to my destination. Sure it means that I could play for the 1.5 hours I have free before work and not accomplish a whole lot on 'on paper' but I still enjoyed the journey.

I also don't know how you'd mitigate the potential dangers that you're, in essence, skipping. or (with the time sped up) you'd likely die more often because you'd be in deep crap with a wolf or bear before you had time to slow time back down.

But again, that's just me. I wouldn't mind it if they added this as an option though, I'll just stay over here leisurely survivin'.

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I don't think the game should have fast travel; I enjoy the journey of getting somewhere in the game. IF (and I only say if) a faster travel option is added, I would think it should be:

  • The ability to ride a mountain bike or fatbike for travel on land
  • the ability to row a boat in the ocean, even between different regions (Desolation Point, Crumbling Highway, Coastal Highway, Bleak Inlet)

But like I said, I'm totally OK with walking where I need to go, it's all part of the experience :)

EDIT: I read in an old post from 2016 that canoe and horseback travel were planned.


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