Дикие животные


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Assuming google translate is correct, I agree. I know there is always the argument that there is no reason to add something if it just does the same thing as another game feature, but just having more animals with different appearances and behaviors would add some visual variety and interesting encounters. Boars, for instance, might attack you like wolves but their meat would have either a much lower chance or no chance of having parasites.

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Feral Swine I believe is the technical term for wild boar, and you do still encounter them rather often.  More than wolves in many parts.  I also like the Mountain Lion, a.k.a. cougars, idea because that region of Canada has a large population of them.  Vancouver Island off the west coast has too many.  As for birds, they migrate away from cold climates.  You wouldn't find many game birds.  An occasional wild turkey, maybe..

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