Escape the Darkwalker Crashing and Visual Issues


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If you're experiencing consistent crashes or hangs when launching or playing the Escape the Darkwalker event, following the steps below will resolve the problem until the release of an official patch.

Please note that utilizing this workaround may result in lowered frame rates or minor geometric flickering, and should be removed after the next update to ensure it doesn't interfere with your default settings.


  1. In Steam, go to your Library
  2. Right Click on the game title
  3. Select Properties
  4. Click Set Launch Options...
  5. Paste the following line into the provided text box
  6. -force-glcore
  7. Click OK, then Close.
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I am currently running the game as an administrator and my problem seems to be solved. However, in this case, the Steam screen capture function does not work. Also, overlay notifications do not appear during video recording. But at least I was able to play without freezing. -force-glcore launches the game for me but the game freezes at any time. I am using a Radeon RX570 video card. I write that maybe there is a clue for the error.

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