Idea for Hinterland: New screenshots for the Steam page from the community


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I've been recently looking at the TLD Steam page, and I though the screenshot showcase isn't quite ideal there. There's a lot of trailers, which is quite overwhelming, and most of the screenshots are from old (2017 or so) versions of the game, which don't look nearly as good as today. In addition to this, some screenshots have a different resolution than 16:9, which results in black bars on top and bottom, and there's also an episode 3 banner, which doesn't fit the showcase at all.

My idea would be to make a thread where members of this community can post screenshots that represent the current state of the game better. It would of course include screenshots of beautiful scenery, but it should also showcase gameplay elements (aiming, inventory, crafting, cooking, etc.) to really show what the game is like. Hinterland then could pick the best ones and put them in the Steam screenshot showcase. I think it could make the Steam page much more welcoming to potential new players and make the first impression better, because screenshots are usually what I check out first when looking at a new Steam title.

What do you think? Thanks for reading.

(I wasn't sure whether this post belongs in the wishlist subforum, but since it doesn't suggest any ideas for the game, I thought general discussion is a better fit.)

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