Darkwalker like option in custom games.


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Hello all my suggestion

Expand the custom options to allow for something like the Darkwalker as in if the aurora appears at night something could be out there  and begin hunting you, the big difference being it only lasts for that night  you could make it more difficult for yourself by increasing frequency of the aurora and chance of this thing hunting you.


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Yeah, as an option for custom mode game, why not? If anyone wish to enjoy the horror contents, we can turn on. If not, we can turn off.

Would it be too burden for HL to code/script this contents as a part of survival mode custom option? I don't know, but the answer of your question would depends this question , and HL's budget and manpower. Personally, I don't think such modification (making darkwalker as a custom option) would be significantly challenging, but who knows? I'm not in HL, and I guess HL would knows their game the best. 

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If you want it in some form, be sure to speak up. 

I find it okay though I am not particularly interested in playing it often. 

I would expect something like Escape the Darkwalker to be more of a challenge rather than a custom game option.  Within the challenge framework, if it was added, I think the evolution of the challenge would eventually see different (harder) difficulty be made available primarily in weather and predator numbers and behavior.  On the other hand, the short duration of the challenge would seem to weigh against such since time is short and even if one had a mother lode of gear to choose from, only a certain amount of it would be of practical use in the challenge.  

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