Nintendo switch dark walker release?


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Just FYI for switch users, found this in their Twitter feed, not sure why they havnt posted it here, but there ya go, confirmation it's on the way atleast. 

We're working on getting it out for the Nintendo Switch as quickly as possible. We'll make sure those on the Switch get a fair shot at the event." 
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Sorry for the delay in the Switch release. We are waiting on Nintendo and submitted it to them based on the timeline we had understood that would work to have it available with all the other platforms. We are making adjustments to give the Nintendo Switch players additional time to ensure you will get a fair shot at the event.

Working on a new platform with a new partner is a learning experience and we'll be able to learn from this and hopefully minimize delays to updates moving forward. Ultimately apart from Steam (where we push the builds live ourselves) any version of The Long Dark is subject to approval and release by our platform partners.

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