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I know the Darkwalker mode just came out but as I was wandering the green tinged snowscape an idea hit me. What if there were no safe havens left in the long dark? No Quonset Hut, no Ranger Station, no trappers cabin, etc. What if no large buildings remained and you had to survive in caves and small cabins? 

So as I overthought this idea I came up with a description for a challenge mode: "Electrical storms have brought fire to Great Bear island. Your refuge has turned to ash. Beware incoming storms as the risk of lighting strike is high and near lethal. There is...NO SAFE HAVEN"

Continuing this line of overthinking, I came up with a goal to attain before you pass into the long dark. You have to collect pieces of heavy equipment and carry them to certain high locations (ranger towers, Timber Wolf Mountain peak, lighthouse) while avoiding lightning storms and surviving almost entirely outdoors. After your build these lighting rods in a fruitless attempt to fight back against the storms the challenge ends, similar to Hopeless Rescue.

More overthinking later I came up with a tagline

The Long Dark: NO SAFE HAVEN
         Say goodbye to cabin fever!


Even more overthinking: Game tweaks for the challenge,
More revolver ammo as you'll be outdoors a lot
More wood drops
Slightly adjusted temps at the beginning to let you get a good set of clothes
Lightning animations (I know this would be asking a lot)
Obviously the buildings would need to be burned down which is asking for even more than the lightning animations. 


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This is an iteresting idea. however i would include animations or new items that are not in the game for a challenge. I dont know if you played all of the challenges, a few, or none but the challenges only uses games mechanics that already exist. The cahllenge are only new "context" to the game. So I wouldnt like it to be too complicated.

Beside this point i think the idea is more than interesting, it would be for shure a hard hard challenge and would be a lot of fun.

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