Post Success (Darkwalker) Screenshots Here!

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Didn't manage to get screenshot of the first 1h achievement but that was simple to do. I died in the Hydro Dam by the Darkwalker.


For the other achievement I tried 3 times. First two times I died very near. My first try for this achievement was DP-CH-PV-ML-FM-MT...and I died in MT trying to climb up the last climbing rope.

Second try I went the other way around and I died in the connector from CH to DP. I was attacked by the bear in CH and had low health then attacked by wolf in the connector and died.

Third time was a success.

Very good event. Totally way better than last year.



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On 11/4/2020 at 3:40 PM, coloneljohnmcclane said:

I wonder what the quickest time could be to get 6/10?

I also wondered this. My preferred route has always been DP > CH > PV > ML > FM > BR for this challenge. I ran it last night in 1h 5m, but somehow the game only credited me with 4/10 pages (maybe I forgot to pick up one, but two??) plus I was somewhat disappointed with that time, so I decided to fire it up one last time tonight. I did not use the sprint/pass time trick, which could possibly improve the time even further, but I did have great luck with the wind on this run. I'm definitely satisfied with this run, and I think it's funny that a person could theoretically earn the "6 pages" badge before the "1 hour" badge. Suicided at the end by walking into the campfire, then throwing myself off the cliff (to 5% condition), then sleeping in my bedroll - hence, "You faded into the Long Dark..."


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This time it was Dark Walker turn to die!


Spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you don't want them!

My route was not very good because I didn't know at a start that I need to get back to Ash Canyon. My trip was like this and I pre-planned it. X - marks a page grabbing

X Hushed River Valley
X Mountain Town
   Forlorn Muskeg
X Broker Railroad
   Forlorn Muskeg
X Bleak Inlet
X Forlorn Muskeg
X Mystery Lake
   Winding River
X Pleasant Valley
X Timberwolf Mountain
   Pleasant Valley
   Coastal Highway
   Crumbling Highway
X Desolation Point
   Crumbling Highway
X Coastal Highway
   Pleasant Valley (had to use remove fog glyph over here)
   Timberwolf Mountain
   Ash Canyon

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Got back to this challenge after some time and extended it with some additional challenge in challenge to make thing more interesting for me.

Apart from collecting all the notes to banish the DW I also:

- Crafted the improvised tools

- Visited Summit - Tail Section



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