Frozen Wolf Glitch (Wolf Friend 🐺:)


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I was playing my "Wolf Spirit" Stalker playthrough today and came across a wolf that was not quite itself, as you can see in the pictures down below.


The audio was this wolf was still happening, you could hear the walking and running and barks and yelps, it kinda concerned me as I then glanced around to see if there were any other wolves in the area.

Another wolf did ambush me and I was forced to retreat into the Pleasant Valley Farmhouse. When I went out the next morning, it was gone :(

I kind of came across something like this before, and made a post about it; A Dead Wolf that is not Dead?

This glitch itself is just sort of cool in the way where you can get up close to the wolf in this game and not be attacked. 

I lovingly nicknamed the wolf in this case "Wolf Friend" and if I ever come across this glitch again in this save, I shall know him/her as "Wolf Friend"!

It's kinda funny that this glitch has happened to me twice and that has been in my Stalker save where the Wolf is the icon of the Difficulty and the name of my game is "Wolf Spirit." 



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