We Once Feared the Dark. Now It Returns to Remind Us Why...


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The night was rather panic stricken...  pursued by an eldritch presence, more relentless than any other menace I've faced on Great Bear Island, and I could almost feel it's bitter bottomless hunger as it stalked to devour me.  I didn't know what to expect, it all came on so suddenly.  I don't even remember going to Desolation Point...  The last thing I remembered was crafting a (Timber) Wolfskin coat in the Mountaineer's Hut on Timberwolf Mountain.

Tonight... I woke startled next to a burnt out campfire near a Blocked Highway.  It took me a few seconds to get my head together, and I was already beginning to feel the biting cold.  I scrounged up what I could (also finding an odd page from a journal saying something about protective Runes?), and quickly set out try and get my bearings.  I followed the road, and soon came to recognize the terrain.  Desolation Point is far from my home at the base of Timberwolf Mountain, but I knew I'd first have to find some warmer clothing & tools if I was going to try to make the trip back to the Mountaineer's Hut.

I decided I couldn't risk venturing too far in this eerie fog, it seemed to getting denser by the minute.  I thought I might be able to get as far as the Riken without getting turned around.  As I approached I saw a strange green flame burning nearby.  I ventured closer, it looked as though someone had been here recently and then left suddenly.  I found some supplies that were left behind... and also a piece of paper.  It looked like the page of a journal... but what was scrawled on it, seemed disjointed... almost delirious.  It alludes to something strange and hungry that's stalking the wilderness.

I tried to get myself composed again... I stopped in at the Riken, quickly looking for more clothing and supplies.  I found a lantern, some food, and a little bit of clothing.  I did pick up a couple of pieces of coal just in case I find myself without shelter (I also found a prybar - which might indeed come in handy).  I didn't want to run, but I quickly circled back to the Lonely Lighthouse.  I searched though it as quickly as I could, gathering up whatever supplies I could find.  I focused mainly on food and clothing (but did also pick up whatever ammunition, flares, and matches I could find as well).

By the time I got to the top of the Lighthouse... I heard the horrifying bellow of something huge lurking out in the fog.  It's thundering footsteps could be heard echoing in the distance... I immediately stopped exploring.  I had to get out there, I knew I had to make it out of Desolation Point before it found me.  I quickly made my way down the steps, and out across the bridges to the main road.  I could feel a strange anxiety crawling through my soul... so I broke off from the main road, following a foot path up past the old Stone Church.  I must have gotten far enough ahead of it... my nerves began to calm, but rather than try to find out what was following me I pressed on at a hasty pace to reach the old Number 3 Coal Mine (leading out to the Old Island Connector).

The things hungry roars and heavy foot falls echoed in the dark... all the while the fog was getting thicker.  Stranger still was that there was a growing acrid stench in the air... as if the vary air was turning foul.  I knew that before long, I wouldn't be able to breath... I had to get out.  As I entered the mine, the fog had started to take on a green cast... it was harder to breath, but I seemed to be alright.  I knew there was no going back.  All I could to try to press on... it all seems so unreal.  I can't believe this is really happening.

I didn't pick up much on my way though the mine.  I was more concerned with getting to the Coastal Highway, but first I had to get across the Crumbling Highway of the Old Island Connector.  I'd not seen any wolves out yet... but I couldn't assume the way would be safe.  I stopped quickly at the Abandoned Harris House, rifling though the basement looking for more clothing.  However, I didn't say for long.  I'd had another attack of anxiety just before getting inside and I knew the beast must me stalking around close by.

As I exited the basement, I felt the rush of panic again as my anxiety rose.  I kept myself from running in panic... instead I just focused on getting to the road and out of the area.  However, I decided to take the foot path back by the ridge line to get to the road.  I hope it would be a little faster.  Whatever it was that is chasing me, seemed to be stalking along a different path.  The footsteps faded to a more distant thud, and the anxiety gripping my chest relaxed.  I was able to get clear, and leave the area.

When I got to Coastal Highway, I was struck by a wave of anxiety again... I could hear the beast close by.  Remembering what I'd read by that burnt out campfire that I'd woken up next to, I feverishly tried to copy one of the runes.  I left what was apparently a mark to lure the beast... I then ran out past the cottages, and out onto the ice.  The mark must have done it's work... I could feel my anxiety subside again.  I made it to the nearest Ice Fishing Hut, but I only stayed long enough to give it a once over for any food or clothing.

As I made my way out farther across the ice, I could see the faint glimmer of another green flame burning in the distance.  It seemed like perhaps it was over near Jackrabbit Island... but I didn't have time to think about it too much.  I headed straight for it, while trying to keep a sharp eye out for wolves.  The fog made the going a little uncertain... but I just kept my eye on the eerie green light of the fire.  When I got there, I found another journal page... as well as a few warmer clothing items.  It seems like this odd green flame also keeps the beast at bay.  I was getting tired... I sat down for a moment, but was soon fast asleep.  I jolted awake maybe four hours later... the fire was dwindling, and I knew I needed to make a break for it.

The air was still good, so I decided I would make my way to the Ice Fishing Huts on the way to the Fishing Camp.  I figured I could take the trails leading up the Cinder Hills Mine and hopefully make it to Pleasant Valley (and maybe make it home to Timberwolf Mountain).  Fate, it seems, had other plans.  The fog was dense and it was getting harder to find my way out on the ice.  I found one of the Ice Fishing Huts I was looking for, but somehow I got turned around.  I soon found myself on thin ice.  I frantically turned back, but soon saw some rock formations I recognized.

I was soon able to follow them back to shore, which lead me up to the fishing village.  I stopped into the cabin nearest the road (really just to warm up a little bit more, but also to check the lockers... hoping for more warm clothing).  However, I didn't stay much more than 30 seconds... I started to make my way up the foot path hoping to get up to road that would lead me up to the mind.  Anxiety grabbed me by the throat... the bone chilling roar was coming from right ahead of me.  I abandoned my plan and made haste for the Bear Creek Campgrounds.  I was going to have to skirt up past Rabbit Cove, and make a run for The Ravine.

I made it out of Coastal Highway without leaving another lure, but this menace now clearly had my scent and was pursuing me relentlessly.  However, it wasn't long after I started to make my way across The Ravine that I had to mark another Lure rune.  This bought me enough time to get across the Raven Falls Trestle and the fallen tree bridge.  I was able to seek shelter in nearby cave.  I used a stick to light a fire, added a piece of coal, and collapsed on my bedroll.  The fire had long burned out when I woke with a fright once again (maybe another 3-4 hours).  I quickly scrambled, gathered up my bedroll and went straight for the train tracks that would lead me to Mystery Lake.

There was little respite upon entering Mystery Lake... I was going to go check the trailers out in front of the dam, but that horrible eldritch thing bellowing and breaking through the brush just a little further ahead.   I left a lure on the Train Bridge and hoping it would distract the beast enough for me to follow the train tracks.  I wanted to head straight to Forlorn Muskeg.  I hoped against hope... that if I made it out fast enough I could back track through here by way if Milton - the Mountain Town.  There was really no time to think about it.

With each step I took, it drew closer... the snarling roars were getting to be soul shaking.  The thunderous footfalls where persistent and menacing.  My vision began to blur the edges clouded by... I don't know... a veiny or smoky darkness as my anxiety rose to stark fear and panic.  Just over the next small hill (maybe only 30 yards from me), I could see a faint green glow pulsating on the ground.  Which each thundering step snow a thin wisp of snow was forced up into the air and leaving what looked like huge tracks behind in it's wake.  As for the thing itself... I couldn't see it, or maybe my mind refused to let me process what it was.  Regardless, I never stopped pressing forward (though I admit I did look terrified over my shoulder as it passed by on it's way to the Rune).

I soon came near the Derailment, I could see another green flame burning... and also three wolves prowling around it.  I knew this was a possibility, but I admit I was taken aback... as I was fumbling to get out a flare, I was ambushed by one of the wolves.  I stabbed at it frantically with my knife (suffering only minor damage) and use a flare to make it to the safety the eerie campfire.  This time I found a rifle (very timely considering my situation).  In my panic, I grabbed it, aimed in, and much to my embarrassment dry-fired.  Though aiming at them in conjunction with the fire (fortunately) seemed to be enough to run them off.  Feeling thoroughly foolish... I quickly loaded the rifle, pick up my lit flare, and continued on towards the Camp Office.

I was only going to pop into the Camp Office long enough to look for food, clothing, and now spray paint.  There runes really worked... they were going to be a powerful lifeline.  Though I hadn't intended to... I ended up passing out on one of the bunks upstairs (another 4 hours maybe).  I shot straight up, hitting my head on the bar of the top bunk, and scrambled to get out of there.  I was still reasonably safe... but I wanted to waste no time.  I got a flare in hand and started following the tracks on towards the tunnel that would lead to Forlorn Muskeg.  Sure enough, more wolves... this time I just popped the flare right away and just kept walking forward.  They can follow me all they want.  I had no time to deal with them, not with this horrible nameless thing after me.

I made it to Forlorn Muskeg, and the sky was surprisingly clear... I thought I could even make out the starts.  However that quickly changed.  Soon I heard roar of the thing up ahead... and it's presence seemed to bring the horrible fog with it.

Then it came to me!  Between those journal pages, and old legends whispered by the elders (at least before the First Flare), I think I know something about what's hunting me.  They called it the Darkwalker... and it''s said to bring, darkness, blight, madness, and death.  That pungent smell... I think that the longer the thing stays in an area the worse the fog gets... and eventually turns into a toxic blight.

I quickly followed the tracks, trying to keep an eye out for wolves... as well as this terrible thing.  I felt anxiety rising again... the horrible crashing footsteps getting closer.  I marked a nearby rock with a lure, and ran on ahead.  It must have been out on the ice, because this time it didn't get close enough for me to try and "see" it.  As I got close to the Poacher's Camp, I had to cut a wide berth to avoid a wolf... and out on the ice of the Musket, I spotted another green flame.  I stopped off at the rail car just to look it over, then headed out on the ice to seek refuge by the green campfire. 

I made it to the campfire easily enough.  There I found a trunk, another journal page, and a little respite.  In the trunk was a bearskin bedroll... but it was just too heavy.  My clothing was warm enough to slow the bite of the cold, so I opted to leave the bearskin bedroll there (perhaps someone else who gets this far might need it).  I passed out next to the fire (maybe only another 4 hours).  When I woke I quickly set out to find my way across the ice again.

I wanted to get to Milton Basin as quickly as possible, but the fog out on the Muskeg now was absolutely terrible.  I walked for what seemed like hours... I was just looking to get back to the train tracks at least (just to get my bearings).  Eventually I came to a shoreline.  Had I wandered passed the tracks?  Did I find my way to foot path near the Hunter's Blind?  Was I so lucky to have fumbled my way to where I desperately needed to go?

No...         ...no, I definitely did not.

I realized, to my horror, that I'd somehow gotten turned around.  Right in front of me was the cave leading to Bleak Inlet.  I'd somehow managed to go in the exact opposite direction, and all the way the edge of the region in the wrong direction.  I had to leave a lure and try to make it back across the Muskeg again.  This time I was not just stalked by the Darkwalker... but by three ravenous wolves as well.  I popped a flare, and had to leave another lure... but to no avail.

Throwing the flare didn't phase the wolf I threw it at... so it jumped me.  I fought it off... but only to be attacked by a second.  I got a shot off, but it wasn't enough to break the attack.  That wolf died in the struggle.  I ran again... but ended up cut off.  Nearly surrounded by thin ice.  The third wolf still stalking (perhaps the first one too).  I took a shot, but I'm not sure what happened... I was jumped again.  As I fought off the wolf... the Darkwalker came and snatched me up.

I woke screaming and flailing in the darkness...
Was it just a terrible nightmare?  I feel strange...
Wait... this isn't my Mountaineer's Hunt.

Where am I?

What's happening? 

...I think I hear thundering footsteps in the distance.

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It took me a moment to get my bearings... How did I get to Mystery Lake?

Did I sleep?  Have I slept?  Am I dead?  I feel dizzy... nauseous.  Was it a nightmare?  If so that still doesn't answer how I got here...
I was just out on the Muskeg, I remember the wolves... and I remember the feeling of teeth and claws, and being devoured by that invisible thing.
But now... here I am, laying in a crumpled heap next to another burned out campfire in Mystery Lake.

What the hell is happening?

I quickly scrounged up what I could and followed the river up to the lake.  I can't be sure what was really happening anymore.  The biting cold though, I was sure that was real.  I had to get moving.  I stopped by the Camp Office, puzzled by the fact that I feel like I was just here... yet this place looks like no one's been here for years.  I gathered up what food, clothing, and useful tools that I could.  I quickly went out to look for the Green Flame.  I found it right next to the derailment... just like I remembered.  I picked up the page of a journal... it was the same.  The same strange delirious scrawlings.  This was beyond deja vu.

I collapsed down onto my bedroll and passed out for about two hours.  I gathered up the rifle (and whatever I could find in the pack) laying next to the campfire, and made haste towards Forlorn Muskeg.

I kept a brisk pace as I made my way up the railroad tracks leading across the Muskeg.  So far, there have been no animals insight... but I knew that wouldn't last.  I could hear the footsteps of that horrible thing as it skulked somewhere off in the distance.  I stopped over at the Poacher's Camp before taking refuge next to the Green Flame that farther out on the Muskeg.  I found a bearskin bedroll in the trunk... this time I swapped out my bedroll for it.  I don't have much for warm clothes, it's worth the extra heft this time.  I was surprised how warm it was, when I laied down next to the fire.  I managed a couple more hours rest... but this time I made sure to know where the train tracks were relative to my position.  I'm not getting lost this time... not again.

I pressed onwards until I came to the tunnel leading to Broken Rail Road.  I maintained a brisk pace until I saw a Green Flame up on the hill overlooking the Maintenance Yard.  I stopped only to check to see what I could find in the vehicles and the nearby railway car.   I stopped for another short rest at the campfire, quickly ate, got my clothing and gear situated and rushed back to Forlorn Muskeg.

I kept as close as to the ridge line as I could, I wanted to head up to Milton Basin... but I had to work fast.  The fog was getting denser and the wolves were now out in force.  I was hoping to find a quick way up on to the upper shelf... but I had to work my way up along side Hat Creek instead.  As I followed the cliff, the horrible anxiety wash over me... the Darkwalker was coming for me.  I laid down a lure and kept pressing on.  As the menace grew closer I could see the horrible things foot prints in the snow where it passed me by.  I watched in horror as I watched the green glow of it's foot falls... I ran on ahead and up a rocky path that let me to drop down to the ice (about half way up the creek).

I found refuge in the nearby waterfall cave and passed out for a few hours before making my way up the rocks and on towards the short climbs that would take me up into Milton Basin.  Once I got to the basin I marked the nearby rock formation with another lure and headed straight for the rope that would let me escape the Basin.  I had to stop and rest at the cave just above the first rope, then hastily made my way up the second.  I had no time to stop and think... I quickly rushed along the back path leading to the Paradise Meadows farm.  I saw the Green Flame burning on the hill top.  I decided to forgo the farmhouse and sought refuge by the fire.  I gathered up what I could, but was soon on my way back to the house.  The door was locked, but I was able to find the key in the pocket of a poor soul (who was likely the home's previous owner).

I rummaged though the house quickly, taking only what food and useful clothing I could find.  After leaving, I very nearly ran afoul of a wolf... but luckily it was more interested in the nearby rabbits.  With the wolf busy, I decided to stick to the back path.  As quickened pace, I made my way up behind the old stone church.  However, as I went to take the foot path up the trailer on the hill, I was beset by two more prowling wolves.  I sprinted back to the church, but only to shake off my pursuers.  The fog was beginning to get very heavy, so I quickly ran further up the road (having to duck under the fallen logs), and made a beeline for the cave leading to Hushed River Valley.

Once in Hushed River Valley, I made my way to cliffs and spotted another Green Flame below in the lowest part of valley.  A wolf began to stalk me as I made my way to the rope... I had to take a quick pot shot, but was able to run it off.  I frantically repelled down the cliff and rushed towards the safety of the campfire.  As I neared it's eerie glow, I was ambushed by another hungry wolf.  I was able to fend it off (but only had a prybar to try and dissuade it).

I lurched over to the campfire, bleeding badly.  I tended to my wounds but had to take another pot shot to keep the wolf at bay.  At the fire, I found a revolver and a few more supplies.  I decided I need to leave immediately, but I was exhausted.  I needed to rest.  I left a lure nearby, and went straight back to the rope.  I was too tired to climb, so I opted to bed down in a very shallow recess.  When I woke several hours later, I hurried back up the rope.

Once again, I had to contend with the wolf prowling the area above... but this time I was ready.  I snapped in, and quickly put it down.  Rushing past, I frantically searched for a way up the slope.  I soon found my way back up and made haste to leave the valley.  When I got back to Mountain Town, the fog horribly thick.  I knew I'd have to get out fast, so I ran across the road and slid down the slope leading the Wood Lot near the waterfall.  I sprinted again up the opposite bank, ran past the Milton House, and as quickly as I could I made my way to Milton Park.  I was able to down some energy drinks to keep pace, and repel down rope.  I ran carefully though the fog to the rope that grant my escape, but I was exhausted.  Using the one stim I had with me, I struggled up the rope and ran hard to try and escape as the fog began to turn to acrid blight. 

I wasn't going to make it... the stim wore off, I was thoroughly exhausted, and if I didn't do something... I was going to die choking.  Seeing no other alternative, I frantically laid down the rune that was said to dispel the horrible blight.  With just seconds to spare, and to my grateful relief the dreadful blight abated!  Horribly tired, I lurched on... and took refuge in the cave leading back to Mystery Lake.  As soon as I set foot inside the cave, I collapsed down on my bearskin bedroll for what must have been at least 10 hours.

I woke with frantic urgency, and ran though the cave.  As soon as I got to Mystery Lake, I immediately left a lure on the ground in front of the cave.  I could hear the thing bellowing of in the distance (very likely near the Clear Cut).  By the time the beast got to the lure, I was very near the dam.  I wasted no time looking around, and soon found myself down on the Winding River.  I knew Pleasant Valley was going to be a long trek, but I had to try to get back home to Timberwolf Mountain.

I ran with singular dedicated purpose, using my revolver to ward off and wolves that crossed my path.  I nearly got turned around as I tried to make my way to old red barn, but I found the road before I strayed too far off course.  As I got into the field I could clearly see the glowing green flame burning just beyond the Out Buildings.  I first stopped at the barn to rest for a couple of hours, then took refuge next to the campfire.  I dropped my rifle there, I had just over 50 revolver cartridges and figured the revolver and spray paint was all the protection I would need.  I rested another couple of hours next to the campfire.

I carefully made my way though the Birch Forest near the Lonely Homestead... I knew there could be a bear wandering nearby and had no desire to tangle with it.  I made it to the river, but I'd not come out of the forest in quite the spot I was trying to get to.  I had to sprint an unfortunate distance to find the foot path that would take me up to Skeeter's Ridge.  To make matters worse, I had to fire off a couple of shots to deal with wolves both on the way to (and on the way through) Skeeter's Ridge.  I couldn't stop... I just had to kept pressing on.  I eventually came to the Abandoned Prepper Cache, and was just barely able to make the climb up the rope.  The fog was getting denser, but I figured I'd still have about 20 minutes to make the trip back through... if I needed to.

As I finally returned home to Timberwolf Mountain, I was greeted by terrible revelation.  This was indeed Timberwolf Mountain... but this wasn't my home.  I got to the Mountaineer's Hut, but inside was just an eerie and strange place.  All of my gear, my supplies, my warm clothing... all gone.  Just like back at the Camp Office, it looked like it had been abandoned for years (maybe decades).  The shock and bewilderment cut deep... I sat down on the bed, dejected and confused.  I was snapped out it though, when I heard those horrible thundering footsteps and agonizing bellowing cries.  It took me a moment to get my head together.

If all my supplies were gone, then I decided I would try to go see what I could scrounge up at the near by cargo containers.  I didn't dare go for the ones above Crystal Lake, that's where the thing was roaming around (fortunately I'd had the presence of mind to leave a lure over by the Landing Gear wreckage).  I decided instead I would take the back path over to the Wing wreckage (there should be at least a couple of containers there).  It wasn't until after I'd chased off one wolf and cresting the slope that I realized... I didn't have a hacksaw with me.  At that moment I came to the top of the hill and caught sight of a green flame burning near where I reckoned the wreckage to be, so rather than turn back... continued on ahead.  I had to take a couple of shots at some wolves prowling the area, and I kept a keen eye out for the bear (I knew it had a den nearby).  I was able to get to the campfire safely.  I gathered up what I could and checked on the containers.  I found a hacksaw laying next to one of them.

However, I heard the infuriated thrashings of the beast as it destroyed the rune... so I decided to leave the containers alone.  Instead I marked one with another lure and quickly made my way back towards the Mountaineer's Hut.  As I got within sight of Crystal Lake, anxiety had me tight by the throat... I could see the horrible ghastly footfalls leaving monstrous tracks in the snow as the creature came across Crystal Lake.  I wanted to try and get a closer look... but I thought better of it and ran the rest of the way to the Mountaineer's Hut.

Thoroughly exhausted, I collapsed onto the bed.

Will I ever escape this hellish nightmare?  I don't even remember what the daylight looks like...  It's getting harder and harder to remember I once had a life before the darkness came.

Have I always been in this place?
Has this thing always been hunting me?
It feels like I've been fleeing in terror forever...

Didn't I die?  What am I still doing here?

I can't think anymore... so tired... got to... find...

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I jolted awake suddenly, I nearly fell out of bed trying to scramble to my feet.  I had to leave a glyph at my front door, I could hear the bellows of the beast now coming towards me from over by the Landing Gear wreckage.  I decided to take the slightly longer way around from the edge of Crystal Lake and kept a quick pace to leave Timberwolf Mountain.

I also left a glyph right by the climbing point in Pleasant Valley.  I hoped that by the time it found the lure, I'd be nearly out of the region.  If figured I had 20 minutes to make the journey down along the edge of Pleasant Valley.  I figured this way I'd only need to worry about following the road, and keeping on the look out for maybe two signs.  I had to ward off a wolf a couple of times as I passed the Derelict Cabins, but for the most part I was able to make good time as I raced across such a huge region.  I did nearly get myself turned around trying to find the path up to the Cinder Hills Coal Mine, but I was able to find my way only losing maybe 20 seconds due to hesitation. 

As I entered the Coastal Highway, I immediately laid a lure.  I quickly set out to put as much distance between me and the entrance to that cave as I could.   I opted to not to head try and find the campfire yet... instead I wanted to make best possible speed to Desolation Point.  I decided I would hit the campfire here on the way back.  I managed to avoid the bear as I quickly made my way down the hillside.  I cut around behind the Coastal Townsite and came out to the road just bast the Lone Coastal Cabin overlooking the shore.  Pressed on down the road, leaving Coastal Highways as quickly as I could.

On the Old Island Connector I got ambushed by a wolf as I was passing behind the Abandoned Harris Home.  It was just bad luck really, it was around a blind spot... by the time I'd unknowingly crept up on the wolf (and by the time it was aware of me) it just immediately sprang to the attack.  I had no chance of getting a shot off.  I used the but of my revolver to fend it off... and I started running.  I'd sleep after I got to the mine leading to Desolation Point.

I wasted no time in Desolation Point.  I left a lure near the road... I headed as directly as I could to the Riken.  I gathered up what I found useful at the Campfire.  Then I left a new lure just outside of the ward radius of the campfire... and quickly made my way directly back to the mine (where I slept again).

I ran back across the Old Island Connector, and was able to make good time across the ice back at Coastal Highway.  I found the Green Flame burning near on Jackrabbit Island, and from there I tried to aim for the Fishing Camp, but came out near the Tooth instead.  I followed the road back to bridge (where I left another lure - perhaps I should have left it back at Jackrabbit Island).  The fog was getting denser... I knew the blight was coming soon so I rushed as fast as I could back up the creek. 

By the time I got to The Ravine, I was near exhaustion.  I had to use a combination of lure and ward in order to get enough rest to ensure I could climb down the rope so I could escape to Bleak Inlet.

I knew I had plenty of revolver cartridges and marine flares... I just had to make there!

I stopped by the cave near where the train tracks split to a dead end... no rope.
I had to use three lures (as by this time beast was right on my heals) in order to loop around to train cars... no rope.
I checked the last nearby cave... no rope.

I ran to the climbing point, hoping against hope...   ...no rope.

I was completely trapped.

As the horrible thing came closer I fired 6 wild shots... I knew it wouldn't do any good.  I contemplated jumping of the cliff... but no.
I am going to go down fighting.

As it got within 20 meters; I choked down my terror and charged it... leading with my fists against my horrible fate.

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That was a good run.  Especially considering I'd opted for a random start. 
I would have made it to 10/10 if I could have only found a rope in the Ravine... oh well, it's not first time I've been kicked in the teeth like that in this game.  :D

I was pretty happy with this run... I don't know if I will try again at getting all the pages or not.


Here is the short version of what my route was (including the times I had to backtrack):
ML > FM > BR > FM > MT > HRV > MT > ML > PV > TWM > PV > CH > DP > CH > (Died at Raven Falls Ravine on the way to) BI

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