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Something is hunting survivors in The Long Dark and it’s not just the game’s usual wildlife. Running from October 29th to November 12th The Long Dark players will be stalked by a mysterious entity in our latest Halloween Event: ESCAPE THE DARKWALKER.

As you’re playing the event feel free to talk about it and share your best survival times on our forums, or on social media using the hashtag #DARKWALKER.

To help you survive for as long as possible in this event we’ve put together this information. Follow them and you may delay your death a little while longer.

Starting Out

  • Your character will begin near an abandoned camp where you’ll find an introductory collectible item along with supplies to start you out scattered around a burned out campfire.
  • You have fifteen (15) minutes without being hunted by the Darkwalker to prepare yourself in any way that you wish. At the end of the fifteen minutes the Darkwalker will appear in the region and begin to hunt you.


  • As with any game of The Long Dark you have to manage your cold, hunger, and other aspects of your Condition to ensure your survival.
  • As the Darkwalker nears, your character will experience a series of disturbing effects that will make survival increasingly difficult. These effects mostly disappear as you get more distance from the Darkwalker.
  • An inescapable Toxic Fog follows the Darkwalker spreading throughout the region you’re in threatening not only you, but also wildlife, and even your food supply.
  • Your main defense is to spray-paint Glyphs which offer a couple of tools for dealing with the Darkwalker.
  • Event Camps with green fire offer refuge from being hunted by the Darkwalker as well as vital information about what it is that’s hunting you, so be sure to search the Camps carefully.

Game Over

  • There are two badges to win during the Event. 
  • Players who manage to survive one hour will be awarded the Umbra Badge. 
  • Those that manage to find six of the ten diary pages from the EVENT CAMPS will win the Deadly Dreamer Badge.
  • The Game Over screen will show the time survived plus your longest time survived, allowing you to share that with The Long Dark community. Post in on our forums, on social media, or elsewhere using the hashtag #DARKWALKER to show off your best times.

We hope you have a frighteningly good time this Halloween in The Long Dark as you play Escape the Darkwalker. Let us know what you think of the event on our forums.

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