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So, How about instead of " all the houses door in TLD are open " we could have some random house with locked door. ( Like the ones in story mood.) And instead of trying to find a key, A new item would be added.

Lockpick :
Works like prybar but it is more common ( Like two or three per region. ) And it is skill based (e.g. level 1 : you have no special skill. Chances of opening lock : 40% . level 5: you are the master of lockpicking Chance of success 100% ) And If you failed, you'll break your lockpick

So, What do you guys think? ☺️

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I like the prybar just fine.
I just don't think adding a lock picking mechanic would really add enough survival gameplay value to warrant all of the time, resources, tuning, re-balancing, and debugging it would likely require to implement an entirely new mechanic... (especially when considering the same effect is already taken care of by way of the prybar - the effect being the ability to open locked things).


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Now, I’m fine with opening Locked doors with a lockpick that needs skill. It would bring some new challenge to the game, but then theres the opinion to just crank that thing open with stenght.

but what I’m more interested in, is the mechanic of unlocking small unaccessable containers that arent very capible of being opened with force. 

This mechanic is’nt exactly necessary for the game, and I would be all fine without it, I’m just opening this concept up.

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I don't recall encountering a lot of locked houses in survival mode. The farmhouse in Milton spawns locked, however, I've been able to locate the key. If anything, houses tend to spawn boarded up. I figure you should be able to hatchet your way in, but it probably take a long time and your character would have hypothermia after doing all that work. Safes don't really need to be lockpicked. If you're patient, you can open those via trial and error. The gas station in Milton spawns locked and you can open it with the prybar. I suppose a lockpicking function would be reasonable, but there would have to be some nice loot in a locked house to make it worth while, since I'm sure some of your lockpicks will break and I can't imagine that the game would let you spawn a ton of them.

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