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I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest this, but I figured I'd give it a go. The Long Dark is one of my favorite games. I adore survival games, and the mechanics and graphics of this game are so alluring and pleasing. Though, I think the game would have more appeal if there were a multiplayer option to play with friends. Yes, the game is amazing as a single player survival platform. But I personally would love to play with friends, survive with each other, fend off wildlife together. Or even compete with each other for resources if need be. It would be such a fun and new experience for this wonderful game. 

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Trust me, you and me and a lot of others as well. Most of the players love the idea of a multiplayer The Long dark, I think.

Sadly, I doubt it is going to happen. The game is built to be a singleplayer in its core. Still, most of us love to discuss multiplayer possibilities so feel free to give it all you got!

Lets talk technical for a bit: There are some issues within the game that prevent multiplayer.

Time-skips - when doing most of the tasks within the game, time is skipped while this task is performed. This is kinda difficult to do with multiple people. 
ESRB - if multiplayer was there, depending on if it would be possible to "PVP" as in fight each other, it would affect the ratings, most likely. 
Player animations - it would be neccesary to animate everything for both male and female survivors.
RNG nature of the game - weather changes, for example. Same as time-skips - depending on how would the time-skips be handled, players could in theory see different weather from each other.

If you have any ideas how to solve these "issues", do share! It would be nice to have  discussion on this again!

As of right now, you can play against your friends, in a competition of sorts, giving each other self-imposed challenges. But in two different worlds.

Perhaps, long into the future, we may see a different game from Hinterland on this theme which would include multiplayer of sorts.

Finally, a bit of information you might find interesting: Some time ago, a few years (I think it was maybe year 2018?), on Twitter, Hinterland suggested they are interested in the idea of The long dark co-op. Nothing ever came up out of it, but we know it was at least on the table for a little while. But, this little thing gives me a bit of hope for the future, that there may yet one day be a co-op option for The Long dark. But, realistically, I doubt it.

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The premise behind TLD is solitude and thus a multi-player option would contradict this. Something that may seem more reasonable would be a co-op potion. I say this because I've made the following observation: when you transition to various regions and then turn around and go back, sometimes you encounter a frozen corpse that wasn't there previously. This has occurred in 2 of my play throughs. This suggest to me that there are other people in the world of TLD, however, by the time you encounter them, they're already dead. Thus, I think a co-op option is within reason.

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Guest Kane Parry

Good idea if it is optional thats ok but if its like Fallout76 it will ruin the game as people can ruin your hard work and kill you without thinking as their is many people who just want to annoy people in multiplayer games 

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I recommend the search function, because there has been a lot of good conversation about this very subject in previous threads.

To echo what I've mentioned about it in the past:

On 2/16/2020 at 10:03 AM, ManicManiac said:

The idea has certainly been proposed and discussed very often and in a variety of ways... however few of them never really consider what I think is the main problem.

The mechanics of this game in particular make Coop/Multiplayer kind of a "no go."  Simply put... the thing that would be the biggest challenge is the fact that there are many mechanics (that help form the foundation of the game play) that utilize "time compression."  When you have situations that mess with "time" it becomes a problem with multiple players interacting in the same space.

For example... if you have two players and one is out chopping wood (that compresses 45 min - 1 hour of time) then the other player either has to also accelerate or they get "out of sync" so to speak.  If one is spending 5 hours fishing (that is normally compressed), what happens then?  Does the fishing then go in real time?  In other words because this game is filled with mechanics that compress time (sleeping, "passing time"/"wait 'till ready", harvesting, fishing, breaking things down, using the forge, crafting, milling, and so on) then you can't really have two or more players interacting and still keep them synchronized in terms of the time of day... you'd have to force everything to happen in "normal game time" - which for some long tasks, I think, would really suck.

I hope my examples help to illustrate why I don't think coop/multiplayer would not work in this game just from the standpoint of fundamental mechanics.

On 1/31/2020 at 5:14 AM, ManicManiac said:

coop/multiplayer is usually a no go when there are mechanics in a game that utilize "time compression."

Also, the ideas of isolation and loneliness were a part of the inspiration for this game.  I think this game was just made to be a Single Player experience.  Per Raph:


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Coop could work and timelapse, I think, isn't so hard to work with. You could only speed time up if everyone is time-lapsing. So you have to coordinate. To make that easier, you could both do certain tasks jointly to speed them up, such as harvesting.

This topic often addresses what would or wouldn't work. But @Faye, @Mroz4k, what would you most enjoy about co-op or multiplayer? What's not there that would enhance that? 

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I would most enjoy battling the elements and animals with friends. For example, maybe if a friend nearby is attacked by a bear, multiple people could come to try to do something about that, maybe distract the bear since a bear's strength is far too great for any person. Or perhaps when hunting deer, a group can work together to chase the deer to a dead end, or to a person waiting to ambush. But I think that item wise, each person would simply have to ration what they have there. And as the difficulty increases, maybe players would have to vote others out of their group to survive on their own if need be. Survival of the fittest. I personally see a lot of potential for a multiplayer version 

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