Where is the flare gun.


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No help  no one else has had this happen. Do I have a broken copy. Hate to even ask. Does any one know or can help me please. I took a screen shot but no help. The Devs refer me to the FAQ come on really no good there. Xbox one  right now first challenge is broken to me. Any body ?

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Have you looked on the lower part of the fuselage where there is a frozen corpse?  I am not implying that it is on the corpse but maybe it fell through the plane's deck to the fuselage below.  Also maybe post the screenshot if you can? 

I only use a PC so something like verify the game files (I am on Steam) is something that might otherwise have been suggested.  I know nothing about the XBOX so cannot even suggest what to try.  Sorry.

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Thanks Utc  your reply is encouraging. I don't get it. I'm sure this is a one off issue so not many people will respond. But it's damn frustrating. Like most players you learn as you go. Hell I reached the summit several times and no flare gun. Blows my tiny mind. I'm on the challenge. The clock ticks  so I'm a summing it's running real game   I feel pretty thick not being able to McGyver  a work around. I keep hoping some has a ahaha solution   Still loving the game. 

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