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This is my idea for a new region (As you can see I'm not the best at map design. I made this in MS paint. Sorry about that)

-FYI I forgot a compass, So North would be the top of the map where the cave is. Again, sorry for such a sloppy map.

I made a description for it.

"For Advanced players. Old trapping land on the Northern-most part of the island. Frequent blizzards and wind, thick mountainous forests, freezing temperatures, and an abundance of big game makes this place a challenge for even the most experienced survivalist, but the old homestead holds many rewards."

Trappers Haven would connect to Hushed River Valley through an ice cave. It would be the most northern region on the island. The region would have lots of wildlife with more in the forested areas. To the north their would be a cave as well as Black Bear Lake. The lake would have a cabin with some supplies in it, but the real prize is the old homestead. In here their would be late game clothes, materials for crafting, weapons, snares, a workbench, a forge, and an ammunition bench like in the cannery in BI. To the west, their would be the sea, which would have some fishing huts on the ice. To the south they would be a clearing in the forest on top of a hill, which would be good for getting your bearings.

Overall I think it is a good idea. What do you all think?

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Well first your map doesn't need to be perfet the mpst important is that we understand the idea :) 

Your idea is not bad the problem is that there is not that much thing to do there and it looks like mystery lake. a trappers cabin+lot of wildlife. i think this region would be more interesting without buildings like hushed river valley and a few new features. The difference between hushed river and this region could be that is is more flat like a less mountany terrain. :) 

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With that concentration of things and facilities, I would imagine that there would be a "horde" :(  of wolf packs and timberwolf packs prowling the region.   If I never thought about leaving the region to check on other bases I may have set up, this proposed region would be very good for a final base. 

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