Abandoned Lookout Floor Collision Height


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v1.99, pilgrim mode, Win7 64-bit.


The collision model of the floor in Abandoned Lookout appears to be lower than the actual floor, resulting in lost items if they are not tall enough.


  1. Go to Abandoned Lookout in CH (potentially the other Lookout tower too, haven't checked), climb to the top, go inside.
  2. Drop a tall item (can of food, water bottle etc) via the inventory menu or the "drop decoy" function.
  3. Observe how item rests ~1-2 inches below the floor of the lookout, as if it is sunk in the floor.
  4. Drop a short item (in my case it was an energy bar) onto the floor. Observe that it has "disappeared" but is probably sitting on the floor of the collision model, between it and the visual wood floor of the Lookout.


[spoil]Here we see Pinnacle Peaches sunk into the floor:


Here we see a "Line" which was dropped, is invisible because its below the floor, but is still accessible if you know exactly where you dropped it.



This occurs 100% of the time.

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