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I've scanned these pages and can't see any mention of this...

Not sure if this is a bug or deliberate, but since the new update every time I go through a door, my rifle becomes unequipped. Since 99% of my deaths are by surprise wolf attack, this leaves to a couple of seconds of panic as I equip my rifle. This doesn't happen if I have a flare equipped though

I should probably learn to use hot keys, but though it was worth a mention as it's annoying

Amazing game though

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I'm glad that you posted this, since the same thing has been happening to me, too, and I kept forgetting to bring up the issue here. It also happens to me if I have a flare or torch equipped--but I rarely ever travel with a storm lamp, so I have no idea if the same thing happens when that is equipped.

Hence, for the time being until the bug is patched, I've taken to always equipping again as soon as I leave a building, as klesh suggests.


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