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Some of you may remember me. About a year ago, I decided to quit the forums as I had gotten myself into trouble, being in a very bad place with one of the members. And at the time, I was a bit disinterested in the game in its state. So I took a break.

Im back to playing the game, recently finished the Episode 3 (even though it was out for so long already) and am currently enjoying myself in a new sandbox game. And given my past forum history, I wanted to return and contribute to the forums again, if a bit less often because of how busy my life usually is.

For those who dont know me - my name is Martin, I have been playing this game since early alpha and I quite enjoy the community here. However, I admit that I have not always been very good member - I have argued with other members and have been quite mean to some as well. I will do my best to ensure that does not happen. 


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