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Wondering what the value is of the bear roll. It sounds like it takes 3-5 shots to bring down a bear...that's 12-20 bullets. Seems like it be better to save the bullets for 12-20 dead wolves. but maybe I'm missing something.

What's the warmth value of the bed roll? what's it take to repair it?

anyone have one? feedback?

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Bear have about 27-38 Kgs of meat, 900calos per kg, 1 bear skin and 10 guts. Actually you can kill it with only 1 shot, shoot then wait for about 1h, the bear will bleed to death. Remember to stay in a safe place so the bear cant kill you. 10 gut mean 10 snare that can help you last for a very long time. So definitely should save the bullet for the bear.

And about the bear skin bedroll, it warmth value is 12C but weigh 4Kg. Repair it need a bear skin and a cloth. Here is some image, hope this help.


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