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I've been thinking about a new challenge for myself.  It goes something like this - I cannot break down any man-made items (batteries being the exception) and I must collect everything I find and stash it someplace inside (and I intend to post screenshots of the inventory).  I will allow myself to eat man-made items(when necessary for survival).  I will be playing at a somewhat Pilgrim difficulty due to the nature of the challenge.  I will post my build so you can see my settings.  Overall, it shouldn't be difficult, just very time consuming.

If I feel I need to deviate from this challenge, I will post that and the reasoning behind it.

Code:  +340-V8Ww-KFCG-mKpJ-BOMI

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I finally got around to making some progress on this.  I began at Trapper's.  Looted and headed on to Mountain Town.  Just finished looting the whole zone and have moved on to FM (halfway looted) and then on to BRR (where I'm almost done looting).  So far I have not eaten anything other than rabbit and deer meat, drank water and have not broken down anything.  I did read a Frontier Shooting Guide (before realizing my mistake).  I do not intend to read any more skill books.  I'd say the biggest challenge so far has been finding warm clothes and surviving on meat alone.  I will begin posting screenshots of gathered loot soon.

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Finished up in BRR, back to FM and hit Spencer's and surrounding area, High Blind,  Muskeg Overlook then on to ML.  Up to Camp Office, then onto Lake cabins.  I've been keeping track of inventory with a spreadsheet (which I will share when complete).  I have been using Sewing Kits but plan to use Fishing Tackle from here on (another oversight on my part).

I've given up on taking screenshots since I have already dropped multiple loads without taking pictures - but I am continuing my inventory count.

Got my cooking lvl to 4.  Really looking forward to 5 so I can begin eating bear and wolf I've been accumulating.

I have been cooking coffee and tea but have not consumed any yet.

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