What's your favourite challenge?


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They all bring some excitement to the game that you don't get from just playing in the sandbox since they are kinda mission based or driven if you will.
Been a while since I've played any of them but if memory serves, the are all basically voyager level wildlife and weather.  Except for some of the more advanced challenges, like As the Dead Sleep which is more stalker like as I remember it.

If you haven't had your full share of being mauled by the bear, the Hunted part 1 and 2 will probably get you ready for Darkwalker as you gotta evade that damn bruin from tracking you all over the map.  Satisfying though to finally be able to pop a bullet in ass when you eventually make it to Trapper's Cabin.

I liked the Nomad challenge cause it helps you focus on route selection and resource management as you do so much walking.  Gear load out and selection, the choices you make trying to stay close to carry capacity without being overly encumbered. Good training run for learning the map, imho.  Same goes for the archivist where travel from region to region downloading the old memory buffers in the computers.  All during auroras and the wildlife is going apeshit crazy all around you.  Feels somewhat familiar at times.

Flare gun challenge is good to for learning the regions, for route planning and traveling quick, as you have time constraints in place as well as aggressive wildlife.  Nothing like climbing up to the summit to get the flare gun and then leaving most everything else behind.  Totally messed with my head having to leave those 10 lanterns behind...

If I was gonna pick one as my most favorite, I'd say it was the Nomad.  

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I think the challenge that I had the most fun with was, "The Hunted, Part 1."
Having the Demon Bear constantly on my heels, made this particular challenge more engaging for me than most of the others (which had me either just "racing the clock" or waiting on the weather).

Don't misunderstand, I do enjoy all of the challenges... but "The Hunted, Part 1" is my favorite.
"The Hunted, Part 2" is right behind it - because of the cathartic role reversal (at least for a little while).
Which has me longing for "The Hunted, Part 3" (which has yet to arrive).


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I like Whiteout quite a bit.  It's cool to see the storm prediction calendar in the Journal, and the difficulty does seem to build toward the end.  As I said in another thread, "You think you're doing fine until the last week".  We've often heard of what fun the Quonset Garage wolves can be, and Whiteout has em.  I think playing that was my first time getting in multiple wolf struggles while so close to the safety of a shelter.  

There's also opportunity to strategize a bit..  Plunder the Townsite right away and leave the region later on if needed?.. or head out to Mystery Lake or Pleasant Valley in the hopes of big loot before the storms start to roll in more frequently...

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I started my first challenge ever with Whiteout this week. It's a ton of fun. You find a stupid amount of supplies everywhere, but getting a hatchet was the big difficulty for me.

I really love having a Quest tab again since I finished Wintermute a while ago.

I'm almost done the challenge and I think I'll be able to do it without leaving Coastal Highway. Bagging a bear really helped the food task item. XD

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