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There seems to be thousands of junk books in the game, and thousands of junk hours you spend "passing time."  Why not make it so you can read common books before burning.  Maybe have a feat that if you read so many junk books, learning from manuals and/or guide type books has more impact.  Mark the book "read" if you're previously finished it so you can't just use one book and reread it over and over again.  Could even have a dozen or so rare books spread around the world folks can collect and keepsakes, or another thing to track, how many rare books found.


Edited to add:

Possibly, to be able to use the "Pass Time" function, you must have a book or find that deck of cards you can hear shuffling now.

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Or character suffers from a debilitating memory issue. That's why you need the full hour and also why if only read for 59 minutes you have to read it all again because it's forgotten.

On the plus side our character commits the entire book to memory so you can memorise how to make ammo in only a few hours.


But yes the game would benefit from being able to read for 40mins, throw on a new steak, and get back to reading

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