What's the back lore on the Hunting Lodge in BR

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Curious if there's any back story to the hunting lodge in the Broken Railroad region?

Was the lodge the private playground of the railroad owner and his cronies?  Seems pretty exclusive as it didn't appear to really be any way to get back in there besides being brought in by rail.  It almost looks like the sedan and the pickup truck at the lodge where brought up there before the fence went up at the bridge with gate in it.   Maybe they just used those vehicles to drive down from the lodge to the gate to pick up the VIP's so they wouldn't have to walk up carrying their own gear, other wise no roads to speak of.
I've seen big fence gates that allow for a vehicle to pass, but this one doesn't appear to be built that way.  hmmm?

what's the scoop?

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All we know for sure is what Jeremiah said.  That it was owned by a "wealthy land baron", and he bought Spence's spear to hang it over the mantle there.  It was evidently abandoned decades ago, likely in the early to mid 1900's given the apparent lack of all modern conveniences save electric lights and a party-line phone, old-timey sepia tone photographs on the walls, and the archaic wagon wheels in the basement.  Shortly before The Event, the Forest Talkers were squatting there, using it as a base of operations, which explains the presence of modern food and even cooked still-edible rabbit on the table.

Interestingly, there doesn't appear to be any real way for the vehicles to have gotten there.  There are no roads in or around the area, and the only paths leading up to it (Rickety Footbridge and the path with the gate) appear to be for foot traffic only.  The trucks in the maintenance lodge are apparently hi-rail vehicles, so that explains how they got there.  They just drove in on the rail tracks, then retracted the flanged steel wheels and drove down into the maintenance yard.  So assuming the vehicles up by the Lodge aren't a design oversight, it suggests that there was some sort of road in that was completely destroyed by seismic activity.

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Hey @ajb1978, thanks for the refresher course on story mode history.  Been so long that I played it, couldn't remember the details.  So, thanks.  
So, considering the age of the building and the changes in tenancy over the years, the ole lodge apparently has weathered quite well all things considered!  
I kinda figured the maybe that the wealthy owner of the railroad yard was responsible for some of the modernization.  Besides bringing the power and phone lines up, 
they managed to bring in a luxurious soaking tub.  considering there wasn't any plumbing, somebody had to heat water on the stove down below and bring it up to fill the tub.  hence the three buckets in the tub. 🛀

Regarding the vehicles parked outside the lodge, the best explanation I can come up with  is that they were driven up there before the fence(s) was/were constructed across the bridge.  If you follow the street lights, they lead right down from the maint. yard towards the lake and then swing along the shore and right up to the log bridge.   It feels plausible.  I figure the sedan and the pickup where brought in by rail while the facility was still operating and were then used to drive back and forth between the lodge and the yard. The ole train baron and his friends would be driven up in the sedan whilst their valet and camp cook rode up in the truck hauling all their gear in the back.  

Good times were being had and then somewhere after that came the quakes which knocked out the road leading from the log bridge to the lodge.  The fence went up when it was determined there was no way to repair the road  and of course the two autos up above were just there now forever.



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