The Darkwalker event sounds amazing - please make this a normal game mode and not limited!!!!


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A mode with a stronger horror vibe is PRECISELY what I've been waiting for from TLD and I was extremely excited when I read about this event that's taking place. However, I am dismayed that it will be running for less than 15 days!!! This should be a regular game mode, why take it away? This is something that could be iterated on and improved over time and I feel that it would really supplement TLD in general.

That's just my $0.02. I am sad that such an event is taking place for such a short time and wish this could be played whenever.

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Given the expected game-play plan of Darkwalker, I would expect it to be more in the Challenge category, if it was going to be available year-round, than a regular play mode unless there were major modifications in the way it operated.   

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